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Buying Flowers for Employee Events As a virtual or on-site assistant, it may fall to you to purchase flowers for a variety of employee events, including birthdays, births, employment-related anniversaries, illnesses and deaths. This responsibility requires a great deal of tact and empathy, especially in today's highly sensitised and litigious working environment. Here are a few tips for economically and appropriately celebrating employee events with flowers:

Being Driven by Outcomes Rather than Activities Do you ever feel like you are just running in circles? It may seem like you are constantly falling behind, yet you never get everything done. This is called being "activity driven" and it means that you do not feel like you are working unless you are in motion. If you are activity driven, here are some steps to change your mindset not only for your own peace of mind, but also for your professional benefit.

Be a Better Applicant Know the Company You Are Applying To

Make yourself stand out from other applicants. One great way to do that is to research the companies you apply for. Get to know about their history, business practices, accomplishments, and philosophies. If you can speak intelligently about the company, you will stand out as someone who has a genuine interest is working there.

Communications Center at Your Office

You may think that the last thing that you want is for your phone to ring more. However, in some cases, more calls can be better if it means that you are in control of the entire office schedule, which can make you a more effective assistant. If it is the case that being aware of everyone's schedule will help you do your job more effectively, then you may want to consider becoming the communications center at your office.

Creativity - The Key to Office Advancement When it comes to making things work in the workplace, creativity is key. In order to truly experience success in your professional life, you have to be able to view every situation from multiple angles and discover the best way to handle the situation to the benefit of yourself, your employer and everyone else involved.

Weighing a Job Offer To accept or to reject. That is the questions faced by executives all too willing to jump several paces up to the corporate ladder when they receive a job offer that, compared to at least what they have, appears too good to be true. It almost sounds like a no brainer.

Proofreading Tips & Tricks - Do It Like The Pros! All of us write a big essay or report at some point in our lives. Yet there will be mistakes in our work even if we are brilliant writers with a perfect command of our language. Proofreading is the process of elimination - removing all the errors and just leaving perfect prose. Here are some tips on how to do it right.

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