How to get the most out of Careers Events

Careers events give employers, professional organisations and educational and training providers a chance to show what they have to offer by getting them all together under one roof, and then inviting the public in to meet them.

Some hot tips are:

  1. Find out who'll be attending before you go, and do some research on them by checking the Internet. Have they been in the news recently? Is there anything you particularly like about their site, in terms of the messages you're picking up from it about the organisation's values and ethics, community spirit and career opportunities?
  2. Update your CV and take a number of copies with you. Make sure these have clear contact details on: home email, mobile and home telephone numbers.
  3. Make sure you're ready to talk about your next move in a positive way. However unhappy you are with your current employer, don't let that enter into any discussions you have. Think positive, think about what you have to offer in your next move. Think about the sort of company you want to join and what you want to contribute.
  4. Prepare what you're going to wear on the day as if you were going for an interview. Better to overdress than undress.
  5. When you arrive, head straight for the stands which interest you the most. Keep your energy and time for those employers who you most want to meet. You can always wander around at leisure afterwards.
  6. Don't hog the people you're talking to, however well you see things are going, especially if you can see they are very busy. Make contact, talk to them about your next move, unique selling points, what you can offer; ask them about any opportunities they have. This is an excellent chance to mention any research you've already done into their organisation - they'll be impressed.
  7. Don't forget that many fairs run talks and sessions alongside the main exhibition of stands, giving advice about writing a CV, interview technique, or what it's like to work in a particular sector. Get information in advance so that you can check what's on offer - you may need to register for some of the sessions, and to do so prior to your visit will ensure you don?t waste time lining up for such a purpose.
  8. After the event, reflect on what you've learnt and how that all fits into your career plans. Enter the names you've acquired from business cards and conversations into your contacts database on this Deskdemon site.
  9. A couple of days after the event, email or write to anyone you particularly want to follow up to thank them for their time and help. If you want to proceed and take the next step in terms of finding out more, ask them what that is. For example, could you go in to see them for a longer discussion?
  10. Work out what to do next. If you don't do anything, you?ll stay where you are. Do something, and your plans, be they moving to a new employer or taking a course for example, will move forward to completion.
Further information:
  • Visit to get information on when careers are held in the UK and US.
  • Check your local press recruitment pages in print and on-line!

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