Take stock of how your role has expanded.

If you remember the initial description you were given of the role you're in now, you'll probably find that it's changed beyond all recognition. This is partly because PAs and secretaries are taking more and more responsibilities on, and off the boss's shoulder. But it's also because the world doesn't stand still: neither do organisations; and neither should your career.

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It's useful to stand still from time to time and take stock of how much your role has changed and what you've learnt from it. What role are you playing, exactly, in the organisation? How are your achievements contributing to its work to make its vision happen? Are you happy with the direction your role is taking you in? Or do you need to do something about the journey it's taking?

Ask yourself the following questions and write down your answers, this will help you determine how far your career has progressed in your current role, and whether you're happy with the direction it's taking right now.

First of all write an overview….

Be clear about what your organisation does in your own mind. Which sector is it part of? How many people does it employ? What is its mission? How is it structured, locally, nationally and globally, and how do you fit into that structure?

And then think about…

What do you contribute to the company? What is important about your role, and what would happen if the things you do weren't done?

What have you learnt since starting on the job? Not just in terms of skills, but about the business and sector, how it functions, the organisation, its customers, suppliers, handling people and different situations.

Which additional skills and qualities have you demonstrated in your current role?

What initiatives have you introduced which have benefited your organisation, your section or your boss in the last year? What impact did they have?

What have you achieved in your current role?

Have you expanded your role and responsibilities? Have you done this without extra help and resources?

What is making it difficult for you to achieve the goals you want?

What has changed for the organisation and your role, and how have you handled that?


How are your current role and responsibilities moving you towards the future you want at work and in life?

What have you learnt about yourself as a result of the role you're in now?

What is that telling you about your next move?

Summarise your findings from these thoughts and bare them in mind when it comes to your annual review or when writing your CV.

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