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What is DeskDemon CashBack?
DeskDemon rewards you for purchases you make through the DeskDemon CashBack Program by paying cash back to you. DeskDemon receives a commission when you purchase from one of our many merchant partners, we then share that commissions with you.
Does It cost anything to join?
No, but you must be registered with DeskDemon.
How does it work?
  1. Register with DeskDemon. (Ensure your computer cookies are enabled and working)
  2. Before making an online purchase, log on to your DeskDemon Cashback account and click on any of the many merchant partner links to navigate to their website.
  3. Make your purchases though these links.
  4. The merchant partner reports your purchase to DeskDemon. Once the merchant partner has confirmed and paid the commission for your purchase to DeskDemon your DeskDemon Cashback account will be credited with the commissions amount for that purchase.
  5. Once your account has reached a minimum £20 a monthly payment will be issued to you.
When do I get paid?
All monthly transactions close on the last day of the month. It may then take 30 days or so to confirm and process the transactions. When you have reached the sufficient cash back in your DeskDemonReward Program account a payment will be issued to you within 30 days of confirmation of the transactions.
Terms & Conditions
  • You must be registered with DeskDemon.
  • You must use DeskDemon with Cash Back links.  DeskDemon will not be responsible for missed clicked links.
  • DeskDemon will not be responsible for computer glitches, all links recorded will be paid.
  • You must have "Cookies" enabled on your browser to enable the tracking of your purchases with the retailers on the Cash Back Program website.
  • DeskDemon will pay the value of commission based on the merchant's payout.  There may be a slight discrepancy as the commission may vary.
  • We cannot be held responsible if the retailer fails to report your sale to us.
  • Shipping and tax are not commissionable.
  • Purchases made through DeskDemon Cash Back are between you and the merchant, all issues other than commission needs to be resolved directly with the merchant.
  • If fraudulent activity has been generated your DeskDemon account will be suspended.