You Can Colour Your Way to Success

Everyone has what is known as a personality colour.   All of these four colours (red, green, yellow, blue) represent different personality traits such as the way a person interact with others, how they learn, or how they focus their energy.   If you can manage to identify someone's personality colour then you'll be able to talk to that person the way they need to be talked to.

By Duffy Rogan

PAs & Secrataries - You Can Color Your Way To Success Everyone has a personality colour.

There are 4 colour personality types. Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.

At this point, this information tells you nothing. No worries; it didn't mean anything to me either when I first heard about personality colours. But man I wish I knew about this years ago, it would have saved me a ton of aggravation.

Everybody has a colour type. And with that colour type we act in a certain way. Certain things are important to us. We like to be talked to in a certain way. We like and dislike certain things.

Take me for example.

Let’s say you were calling me as a potential prospect:

What if you knew how I liked to be talked to. Knew what was important to me. Knew what I didn't like. Knew what I liked. Knew if I was over sensitive. Knew if I needed support.

Knew if I would be teachable. Knew if I was money motivated. Knew if I would be a leader. Knew if I was creative. Knew if I needed all the facts and figures....I could go on and on.

What if you knew all this information and so much more about me after only talking to me (anyone) for only a few minutes and then gained more and more insight to me the longer you talked to me?

Do you think this would impact your business and your personal life in a positive way? Rhetorical question obviously

Would you not agree you'd have an unfair advantage on everyone else? Yet another rhetorical question.

There is a lot more to learn about personality colours and whole books have been written on this subject. But here is the condensed version. This will give you great insight into the power of personality colours.

So here we go, oh and these are not in any particular order.

First there is Yellow.

Yellow's make up 35% of the population. They are open and indirect with their feelings. They are the best at using both sides of their brains. They are relationship and family orientated, logical, analytical and team work is very important to them.

Yellows have jobs like teachers, social workers usually any nurturing job. They like giving back to others. They don't like pushy people, aggressiveness, sudden change or animal cruelty.

Some of their weaknesses are, they are over sensitive, take things personally and will buy other peoples excuses.

Talk to a yellow slowly and relaxed and let them know they are appreciated.

Next is Blues (that's me).

Blues make up 15% of the population. Blues are open and direct with their feelings. Very right brained, talk fast, very creative, must have fun doing things. They are strong on family and relationships, spontaneous and enthusiastic.

Blues have jobs like sales (of any kind), singer, and songwriter, anything that is creative. They don't like not having fun, fact and figures and being sold.

Their weaknesses are being unorganised, scattered and poor savers. When you talk to a blue focus on fun and talk about excitement. Never try to sell a blue.

Next is Greens.

Greens make up 35% of the population. They are indirect and self-contained with their feelings. Right brained, very logical, analytical. Precise and need to have all the facts and figures. They are savers. They are also organized, task orientated and accurate. Let's get the kids to college. They're the best negotiators.

Some of their jobs include, engineers, accountants, CPA, professor. This covers pretty much basically anything to do with logic and reasoning.

They don't like pushy people. Not having all the facts and figures. Not being on time, aggressiveness. Get depressed easily and are hard to please.

Some of their weaknesses are, they over analyse everything (to death) and are hard to please and pessimistic about everything.

When speaking to a green, give them the facts and figures, you cannot overload a green with information.

And finally the Reds.

Reds make up 15% of the population. Reds are direct and self-contained with their feelings. Reds are right brained. Their slogan is "It's my way or the highway" Forceful, stern and to the point. No chitchat, money is power, take action. Task orientated, Impatient, un-teachable, show me the money.

Their jobs consist of being CEO's, Attorneys, military leaders, president of the bank.

Reds do not like losing control, indecision, small talk or crying. They don't like talking about time, freedom, family or vacations.

Some of their weaknesses are having a big ego, domineering and un-teachable.

When you talk to a red you need to let them think you need them. They like being sold, close them, focus on money, stroke their ego. Talk about your leader’s income.

Now everything I just outlined about the different colour personalities is not a judgment on people, it's who people are.

Just imagine if you had this information the next time you talked to a prospect? How do you think your next call would go?

So the next time you're talking to someone and they say something in a certain tone or way, you'll know exactly why they're acting the way they are and why they are asking the questions they do.

Instead of taking things personally or getting frustrated, you'll say to yourself "Hey you're suppose to act like that or say that because you're a green" (pick a colour)

Master this one skill and your business life and personal life will skyrocket. Guaranteed!!!

Duffy has been helping Network Marketers build and grow successful businesses for many years now. He is also an expert in generating website traffic, and is a mentor and coach to some of the most success people in Network Marketing today.

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