Our Day in the Life of series has been very popular with DeskDemon’s users and we would like to extend it!

We know from our forum boards at the Hub that networking and support is important to you all. Hearing about each other's work and offering advice and a helping hand can be invaluable. But not only that, it's interesting to hear about the experience of others. It puts things in perspective and offers us the chance to see how others got to where they are, overcoming challenges, and what they think of their role. And that's why our Day in the Life of series is so fascinating.

We're looking for PAs, secretaries and Administrators from a wide range of sectors and from the smallest to the largest organisations, so get in touch if you would like to share your thoughts with us all.

If you would like to be featured on DeskDemon’s Day in the Life series, please complete the form below and submit a photo and we’ll be in touch soon.

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1. Please tell us a little about the company/organisation you work for, including what it does, the size, sector and your location.

2. How long have you been with company and in this role (if different)?

3. What is your role within the organisation and who do you work for? (please mention if you have many bosses and the roles you perform for them, if it differs from boss to boss)

4. How has your role changed over the past 12 months?

5. What would you say are the three most important skills you use at work and why?

6. What does a typical day look like for you? (If you don’t have a ‘typical’ day, please give as much information as possible about the different tasks you get involved in)

7. Of all the tasks you perform or projects you have taken on, which has been the most enjoyable and why?

8. What is the biggest challenge that you’ve faced at the company, how did you tackle it and what was the outcome?

9. How have you got to where you are today in your career? (A little about your career progression. Have you moved up the ladder internally? Has your career spanned different sectors or have you worked for other companies but remained in the same sector?)

10. What are your career plans for the future?

11. What are you doing to make sure they happen? What new skills will you need to learn to get there and how will you go about attaining them?

12. Do you network with your peers and what is your preferred method of doing so?

13. What key nuggets of advice would you offer to PAs and secretaries wishing to get into this sector?

14. What does your boss, say about you? (A quote from your boss about you and your role would be great!).

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