My buddy is going to a networking event tomorrow and I was thinking how fun it would be to meet dogs with similar interests as mine and make some friends in the future.   Then I realized, DOG PARK!  I already DO network!   Everytime I go to the dog park I try to seek out the new dog and make friends altwith him or her.  I admit, I prefer the "hers" over "hims" and if she is another bassett hound all the better.  I think it is something tied into my genetics!  Anyway when you go to a networking event here are some tips from this top dog:

1. Mingle and play, well for humans mingle and talk to people you don't know. 

2. Don't play to rough, well for humans don't be overly agressive and listen to what the person you are talking to has to say.

3. Be yourself.  

4. Wag your tail.  Ok I guess that translates to smile and be approachable.

5. If you do make a puppy play date, or I guess a promise to make a connection after the event, follow through.

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