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Hi Everyone

Welcome to the September issue of What's New at DeskDemon

Blink and you've missed it - summer that is! Well that's how it feels to us here at DeskDemon! We can hardly believe Autumn has arrived already. But as usual we've been busy here to bring you a great new line-up of offers and competitions.

Firstly there's Avanta, who offer top quality meeting rooms throughout the UK. Not only can you win Love to Shop and Meeting Room vouchers, but why not take up their offer of Meeting Room hire for £10 per hour. As if that wasn't enough, Avanta are also delighted to invite you to drinks and nibbles at their stunning City business centre, 23 Austin Friars on Thursday 14 October from 6pm. An event not to be missed! RSVP

Conference or business trip coming up? Why not take a look at Best Western, who have over 270 hotels across the UK with 1,100 meeting rooms, all offering great value, charming service and free internet access. If you book more than 3 days in advance, they'll give you a 10% discount.

We love give aways - and  Pentel is handing out 1,000 of their new EnerGel Xm pens.  Plus, there's also a chance to win an i-pod with AF International, manufacturers of computer cleaning products.  Visit our Home Page for details. 

So, what's new at DeskDemon this month? Read on and enjoy!

All Meeting Rooms £10 at Avanta - Per Hour, Any Location

Avanta offer a wide range of fully equipped meeting rooms in unbranded business centres throughout the UK. From a 2 person interview room, to a 150 person theatre style, Avanta has just the space you need. Enter their fantastic competition to win £150 shopping and meeting room vouchers as well as an exclusive invitation to see their rooms for yourself.

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First-class facilities come as standard in hotels that are anything but!

You might need a place to stay, or the right place for your next conference. So it's a good job Best Western has so many places to choose from. Over 270 hotels in fact, with 1,100 meeting rooms between them all offering great value, charming service and free internet access.

Sounds good? Well book more than 3 days in advance and they'll knock off 10% too!

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Pentel EnerGel Free Sample give-away

Fed up with using scratchy biros? Does your pen leave ugly ink blots across the paper or on your hands? If so, then it's time to ditch the unreliable pen you've ended up with and try an altogether superior writing experience!

EnerGel Xm is a liquid gel pen from Pentel with ink so smooth your hand will glide effortlessly over the page. And because the special formula dries really quickly it's a pen that left-handed writers can love at last!

It's one of a fabulous range of EnerGel pens from Pentel and you could be in with a chance of winning a free sample of it too!
There's a free EnerGel Xm pen for the first 1,000 DeskDemon users to reply to our special offer!

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Mixing business with pleasure: the new rules of business networking

Networking means more than business cards and handshakes today –it is the sharing of experiences, personal and professional, and the chance to learn from one another and be inspired in an informal business environment, without ‘the big sell’.” In this article you will find some useful “rules” to help business people get to grips with the new way of business networking. This could prove invaluable for PAs wanting to get involved in networking events to broaden their contacts and inspire their next career move.

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How to improve your telephone listening skills

Two way conversations are great - you say something, the other person listens, then responds ... and on it goes. Very satisfying. Not so good is when the conversation is clearly one-sided, with your friend or colleague glazing over whenever you have your say. It’s all about listening skills - and some people just don’t seem to get it! How you listen and respond during telephone conversations is as important as face to face - if not more so, as there is no body language to observe. This article gives you a Listening MOT - and tips to improve your skills.

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Problems at work and how to overcome them

Bullying at work is a problem which faces many people, but often goes unacknowledged due to embarrassment, fear of reprisals and the lack of confidence that bullying behaviour creates. Constant fear of 'what's going to happen today' can be a major cause of absenteeism from work, which can lead to disciplinary action being taken and worse. There are ways to deal with and overcome this problem. In this article, Sandi Sayer, an expert in the field of career coaching, shares her tips to help people manage and survive workplace bullying and stress.

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What makes bad (and good) e-learning?

Have you ever used e-learning? Those of you who haven't - do you even know what it is? Basically, it's being taught to learn something using a computer application, which essentially means that the computer is the teacher. The success of e-learning relies on a number of issues - paramount being the willingness of the 'pupil' to adapt to this method of study, and having the motivation to learn without face to face instruction. This article examines the problems which e-learners may encounter, and provides some useful theories on how the whole process can be improved.

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  • So that completes our round up for September. Please keep your ideas coming - we love to hear what you like about DeskDemon and really value your feedback. We're here to help YOU - so let us know which topics you'd like us to explore. Email

    Have a great month, and see you again in October.

    Until the next time
    Best wishes
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