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Welcome to the May 2015 issue of what's new at DeskDemon, the best place for you to catch up on on all the latest news we have to offer this month, from the largest website in the world for Executive PAs and secretaries.

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How Extreme Self-Confidence Can End Up Working Against Entrepreneurs

The importance of good leadership is paramount to business success, but not all leaders are created equal. Nelson breaks down leaders into four types.

  • The "urgent / reactive" leader
  • An "ever optimistic"
  • The "reflexively pessimistic" leader
  • The "steady / proactive" leader
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How to Unleash Your SMILE POWER
There is power in a smile. The simple act of moving the corners of the mouth upward has the ability to touch the hard hearted and lighten heavy burdens. It is both evocative and affirming. It evokes a response from the one smiled at and affirms their place in the universe. It usually prompts a smile in return.
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7 Ways to Get Your Leadership Skills Noticed
A new study by Pew Research has shown that women equal men in most qualities needed to be a good leader, such as intelligence and innovation. In some areas, such as ethics and the ability to mentor employees, women are seen as better qualified for leadership than their male counterparts. And yet, only 5% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women. What's the deal?
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How to Work the Demanding Customer (Client or Employee)
Listen, Build rapport through empathy, Lower your voice, Assume all your customers are watching, Know when to give in, Never get angry or upset, Never take it personally, Remember that you're interacting with a human

and . . .
If you promise a callback: Follow-up

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