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Welcome to the June 2015 issue of what's new at DeskDemon, the best place for you to catch up on on all the latest news we have to offer this month, from the largest website in the world for Executive PAs and secretaries.

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Sleep Ergonomics to Lessen Common Aches and Pains

When discussing "sleep ergonomics," we are referring to your position and posture while sleeping. Unfortunately, this is something very few people consider until they begin experiencing regular neck and/or back pain when they wake up in the morning. A poor night's sleep affects everyone in a very negative way, so it is important to correct this problem ASAP to not only ensure a good night's rest, but also future health problems.

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Keeping Your Personal Brand Alive Is A Must For Success In Today's Marketplace

Personal branding has gotten a lot more buzz in recent times and has become an important tool for everyone who wants to improve their career or business opportunities.

The bottom line is that creating a personal brand is one of the keys to success in today’s world. By branding yourself -- making sure the world knows who you are and the expertise you have to offer -- you not only set yourself apart from your competitors but you also open the door to new opportunities.

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10 Tips for Maintaining a Professional Attitude at Work

In this post, we're going to discuss 10 tips for maintaining a professional attitude at work. Sometimes, maintaining that attitude at work is very difficult indeed. While it may be temporarily satisfying to tell someone what you really think in the heat of the moment, it is not necessarily in your best interest to do so.

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1 Simple Rule to Achieve Anything You Want

You have dreams, aspirations and goals, just thinking about it fills your eyes with hope and happiness; while day dreaming about the things you could achieve, your heart is crushed with sadness as you realize that all the things you want in life are far from your reach.

The achievement of dreams, goals and aspirations is a process. When you finally take action to make it happen, you learn how much work needs to be done, the time needed to complete it, and if the goal set is really for you.

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