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Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the July edition of What's New at 
A big thank you to everyone who attended DeskDemon's special networking PA Event at the Marco Pierre White Restaurant at Chelsea Football Club on the 5th July. It was a pleasure to meet you all and we hope to see you at our next event. To find out what happened, see pictures and read a review from a PA who attended, please see below.

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If you're fed up with looking at a fingerprint smudged screen, take a look at the Stabilo SMARTball. This fantastic pen which is enormously comfortable to use, doubles up as a stylus to use on touchscreens - no more blurry screens!

The big countdown is on and the Olympics is almost upon us. Are you going to any of the events? We'd love to hear from you to see how you got on -

In the meantime, while we're still waiting for summer, let's take a look at our latest news.

STABILO SMARTball - with intergrated touchscreen stylus
STABILO's brand new SMARTball ballpoint pen isn't called 'smart' for no reason. STABILO's latest ingenious invention has a cutting-edge ergonomic design to aid comfort and neat handwriting doubling up as a stylus to operate touchscreens saving your screen from mucky fingerprints. The SMARTball is a must-have for anyone who owns a smart phone, iPad or kindle. Available now from Ryman and Amazon.
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PAs Mingle at DeskDemon's Networking Event
More than 100 PAs, EAs and Office Managers attended our exclusive networking event on Thursday, 5th July at the Marco Pierre White Restaurant at Chelsea's Football Club in Fulham.
The special guests were greeted with a canapé and champagne reception at the elegant Marco restaurant at 6pm. Groups enjoyed special behind the scenes tours of Chelsea FC and our guests were able to mingle, chat and get to know one another during the relaxed event. Guests also heard from Macmillan Cancer Support and Kenco regarding the World's Biggest Coffee morning which takes place on 28th September and took part in a raffle to win a Tassimo coffee machine.

To read more, see pictures and find out what one PA thought about the event - please click more.
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Are You Ahead of the Games?
Maybe you or your boss will be travelling near an Olympic location, your company is entertaining customers at an event, or you've got tickets. Although the focus will be on London, other locations involved are Cardiff, Weymouth & Portland, Coventry, Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow, Windsor & Eton, Cheshunt & Waltham Cross, Sevenoaks, Leigh-on-Sea & Hadleigh and Surrey.

To help you plan your travel and keep up to date take a look at the Get Ahead of the Games website. 
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Myths And Mysteries Of Taking Minutes
Minute taking has changed over the years. The requirements and expectations of the 21st century are very different from the expectations even 10, but certainly 20 and 30 years ago.

Minutes are written for people who were at the meeting, not for people who were not! They are not designed to be a story to tell everyone who was not at the meeting, what went on. It may be smart to publish the key decisions but that is all. Here are some points for you to consider about minutes and taking minutes.
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Working 9-5? Not Any More Says Survey
'Working 9-5 - what a way to make a living' sang Dolly Parton, but apparently that now would be 'Working 12 Hour Days - what a way to make a living'.

According to a survey carried out by technology company Mozy, the advent of mobile apps and cloud services has brought flexibility to workplaces around the world as nearly three quarters of bosses are now happy for employees to arrive late for work, confident that they will have been working elsewhere. In fact, the evolution of employer attitudes to flexible working has even outpaced the expectations of the workforce as more than half of employees believe their bosses will take umbrage if they aren’t at their desks on time.
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Stay in Charge of Your Essential Gadgets
Crosskase launch highly protective Solar 15 backpack with solar power to charge handheld devices everywhere you go.

Whether you are a traveller, business commuter, gamer, or all three and more at different times, you’ll often seek the power to keep your essential gadgets going as well as a secure and protective way to carry your belongings. Now these two lifestyle needs have been met in one stylish, feature-packed accessory: the Crosskase Solar 15 backpack.
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Protect Your Boss From Bad Meetings
Most bosses spend too much of their time in meetings. This happens because executives respond to problems by calling meetings to fix them. And when the meetings fail to produce results, they call more meetings. In some companies, people have even called meetings to figure out why their meetings didn’t work.

Rather than watch your boss trudge off to an endless schedule of meetings, here are things you can do to protect your boss’s valuable time.
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Call for Cosmetic Testing Ban
Cruelty Free International Connects With The Body Shop Customers Across ASEAN to Call for a Ban on Cosmetics Testing on Animals Worldwide.

A global pledge to ban animal testing for cosmetics will be launched at The Body Shop stores across ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) as part of a campaign by Cruelty Free International, the first global organisation dedicated to ending the use of animals to test cosmetics products throughout the world.
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Spicing Up a Summer Salad
Summer is the perfect time to have fun and get creative with salads, as they supply good nutrients without the extra-full feeling and calories. And who wants to feel stuffed on a hot summer day? Summer and salads just go well together. They also DON'T heat up your kitchen while preparing.

Garden salads are excellent to enjoy before eating a full meal. It's also beneficial if you are trying to lose a few pounds. If you fill up on a light salad before a meal, you are likely to consume less calories. Makes sense right?
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  • So that completes our round up for July. Please keep your ideas coming - we love to hear what you like about DeskDemon and really value your feedback. We're here to help YOU - so let us know which topics you'd like us to explore. Email

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