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Hi Everyone

Welcome to the May issue of What's New at DeskDemon.

With a bank holiday coming up and summer holidays just around the corner it's a good time to find out what's on in the UK and around the world. To help you do this we've updated our calendars, which we believe are now amongst the most comprehensive on the net! You can find details of an amazing array of events, exhibitions, sports fixtures, The Season, world holidays, religious holidays and much, much more. So check it out!

The calendar is just one of the tools DeskDemon has to offer you. Every week there are new features, resources and helpful information added to the site, all designed to help make your life easier.

So, what's new at DeskDemon this month?

Private Jet Operator Targets Empty Leg Market
Centreline Air Charter have launched a live Empty Leg Availability on its website

As much as 40% of its private jet flights are flown without passengers and the new system shows when and where these cut price legs are available. Costs can be as little as one third of the normal hire rates.

Centreline has been operating private aircraft for over 20 years.

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Win the Ultimate Coffee Break!
What would your 'Ultimate Coffee Break' be? Whether it's relaxing on a pure white beach, charging down a freshly powdered piste or adventuring on an African Safari, Kenco can help it become a reality.

At Kenco they now source all of their beans for their Kenco freeze dried coffee from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms and to celebrate they are offering you the chance to win your very own Ultimate Coffee Break.

Experience business differently at Disneyland® Paris
Experience business differently at Disneyland® Paris, Europe's integrated corporate events venue:

In addition to the 2 Theme Parks which you can fully or partially privatise for your special event for as few as 50 people, Disneyland® Paris can offer you 2 convention centres, 23,500 m² (252,800 sq.ft) of modular meeting facilities, 14 nearby hotels * . Whatever your event, be it meetings or conferences, team building days, award ceremonies or banquets, find out how Business Solutions, Disneyland® Paris 's department dedicated to corporate customers can assist you.
* 7 of which are Disney Hotels

The complex is ideally located near Paris' two international airports and with an on-site Eurostar / TGV high-speed train service.

Choosing a Courier Company For Your Business
Working for a business which has multiple offices across countries or serving a global clientéle requires you to employ a courier company which provides services which satisfy most of your shipment delivery requirements. How do you choose a competent company? In this article we give you what to look for when evaluating your potential suppliers.

Weighing a Job Offer
You have been offered a job and now you need to decide to accept or to reject the offer. There are many factors to consider before accepting that position. Career advancement doesn't necessarily equate with the bigger piece of bacon you could have taken home. It can also mean growing where you are right now, as a person, or what position you have. In this article we look at some of the points to be considered when the offer is on the table.

A Secret Hint on How to Help Yourself Be More Productive
We are all probably pretty familiar with the "to-do" list. It sits in the corner of our desk, lurking there, reminding us of all the stuff that we have to get done. Some of us even have a to-do box or file that we pitch things into as we receive them with the promise to ourselves that we'll get to them when we have time. As that file, box, pile or list grows, we feel more and more stressed out. Here are three steps to a better, more productive to-do list.

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