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Hi Everyone

Welcome to the March issue of What's New @ DeskDemon with all the latest features on the largest website in the world for Executive PAs and secretaries.

The weather is finally getting warmer and with the clocks going forward on 28th March, spring is definitely in the air! Spring of course is a time for growth and new beginnings and as always, DeskDemon has something new for you to read, learn and enjoy on the site! Why not also take a moment to share your own expertise or experiences on our Forum Board or Blogs or how about posting news and articles you find valuable in our Links section.

DeskDemon is packed with articles and information and here's a sample of what's new in March.

Owning an Idea: Supporting Yourself to Success

To successfully move upward in the business world, you must act in a way that makes it nearly impossible to overlook your efforts or to "steal" credit for work that is rightfully yours. In short, your ideas and work must have your stamp of ownership all over them at every stage in order to insure that you receive your credit when success is the result. Check out these 3 helpful tips to ensure you 'own' your ideas.

Learn from the Birds: Bringing Positivity and Productivity into Your Working Life

You have probably heard the saying, "birds of a feather flock together." Generally, this is used to mean that people who are similar tend to enjoy and benefit from each others' company. However, it can also be used in a negative sense if the speaker is implying that some of the "birds" in question have negative character traits that the rest of the flock members likely share.

Negotiating Tips - How to Improve Your Negotiation Skills

I used to think there were people who were naturally good at negotiation, and those (like me) who were naturally bad; in other words it's like being tall, or having a good singing voice. To a certain extent this can be true - there are those who seem to like the cut and thrust of negotiation, but unlike height or perfect pitch, negotiation is a skill that can easily be learned, and a skill that a person improves with practice. Here's 10 top tips to get you started.

10 Tips For Effectively Tracking Tasks You Have Delegated

Do you think that once you have delegated a task, it is no longer your responsibility? Do you assume the other person will do what you have asked, so you no longer need to worry? Of course, you know that neither of these are smart assumptions. Once you've delegated a task it is still your responsibility to track its progression and its completion. Don't miss our 10 top tips for ensuring you know what's happening to your delegated tasks.

DNet Update

DNet is the place where you can go to network with your peers across the UK and across the world. Create a group or join others; start your own blog or read what others have to say; discuss the latest issues on our forum boards, seek help from your peers or assist those who need it. This month's highlights include:-

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  • Why I Gave Up on Full-Time VAing
  • Nearly New (but not a White Elephant yet!)
  • My Big Mistake in Office Politics
  • Smart Art - Coolest Thing Ever!

  • DeskDemon Groups
  • Hot Technology
  • UK Education Sector
  • Executive Assistants to C-Level

  • DeskDemon Videos
  • Top Six Free Computer Tweaks!
  • PowerPoint 2007 Demo: Keep sane with the Selection Pane
  • 15-Minute Desk Workout

  • So, that's our monthly round up for March. Enjoy the warmer weather and let's hope it stays with us for the Easter Break, when we hope you'll have a wonderful long weekend.

    Until the next time

    Best wishes
    The DeskDemon Team
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