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Hi Everyone

Welcome to our February issue of What's New @ DeskDemon. February is simply flying by. Are you keeping up with the Winter Olympics? Just think in two years, London will be the host and how exciting will that be! When you think of it, that time will fly by as well. In the meantime and to help pass the months, DeskDemon will continue to keep you up to date with articles, features, competitions and more to pass the time!

Amongst the features this month, DeskDemon takes a look at using humour in the office, tracking delegated tasks and stylish clothing for the full figured lady. Plus, there's don't miss your opportunity to win a fantastic pamper day, courtesy of Marriott!

So, What's New on DeskDemon?

Register today for International Confex 2010 PA Day

Register today to meet around 1,000 exhibitors of venues, destinations & suppliers to help you put on the perfect conference, meeting, party or event. PA Day will take place on Thursday 25th February offering additional content aimed specifically at PAs including a fashion show, competitions, free goody bags and dedicated seminars with CPD Points on offer.


Win! A top to toe pamper day

Great news! Marriott's One For You offer has been extended until end of June 2010 so when you book and hold an event, for every 9 delegates or guestrooms you book get the 10th free of charge.

Plus, don't miss your chance to win a fantastic pamper day exclusive to DeskDemon users.


Stylish Plus Size Clothing - Is it Even Possible?

There is good news for us 'full-figured ladies' who dread shopping for clothing that just doesn't quite fit us, or that fits but looks like we are either wearing a sleeping bag or the tent we used on holiday. Designers have finally realised there is a huge market (no pun intended) out there for dresses beyond size fourteen. Whether it's office attire or evening wear we are looking for, they can now be found at most of the more popular shops, boutiques, and discount stores.


10 Tips For Effectively Tracking Tasks You Have Delegated

Do you think that once you have delegated a task, it is no longer your responsibility? Do you assume the other person will do what you have asked, so you no longer need to worry? Of course, you know that neither of these are smart assumptions.  Find out the effective ways of tracking your delegated task's progression through to its completion.


How to Use Humor in the Office

At one time or another, every one of us has had a joke fall flat. That is to be expected, and, among friends, even the dullest jokes can be funny simply because of our affection for the person who is telling them. However, in an office setting, humour can be a handicap rather than a social balm. In fact, if you misfire too many times or tell a joke that could be deemed offensive, you run the risk of finding yourself out of a job entirely.


DNet Update

DNet is the place where you can go to network with your peers across the UK and across the world. Create a group or join others; start your own blog or read what others have to say; discuss the latest issues on our forum boards, seek help from your peers or assist those who need it. This month's highlights include:-

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  • rose.winter1980  is discussing A new career?
  • Jami Andrews  is discussing Macaws (Parrots) at Events

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  • So, That's it for now. We have loads more helpful tips, tricks, information, features and news coming on stream over the next few weeks, so do keeping checking back with us . Meantime, we hope you have a wonderful month.

    Until the next time

    Best wishes
    The DeskDemon Team
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