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Hi Everyone

It is Professional Secretaries Week and everyone at DeskDemon hopes you get the recognition you deserve! We know your schedules are hectic and we salute you for all your hard work and hope that your bosses do too! As always DeskDemon is here to provide you with the tools and information you need. And, with the largest community of EAs, PAs and secretaries in the world ~ DeskDemon's the perfect place to come to vent because your boss has forgotten to say thank you or to share your delight with that unexpected note of appreciation.

So, what's new at DeskDemon this April?

Nominate your NESCAFÉ® GOLD BLEND® Employee of the Month for a chance to win:
  • 50 prizes every month of NESCAFÉ® GOLD BLEND® and QUALITY STREET® for your office and £100 for the employee with the most online votes!
  • an exclusive VIP box at The O2 arena for 18 people (to a top event) for the Employee of the Year, who amassed the most monthly votes.      more ...
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Simplify your imports with DHL Express!
When you use DHL Import Express, you get one simple solution - one invoice in one local currency from one company. And now to make importing even easier, you also get one more service that you can't get anywhere else: DHL Import Express Online.      more ...

Five Types of Smart Women
Five Types of Smart Women was created by Sheri McConnell, CEO, President and Founder of two organisations, because "women have a huge responsibility to inspire younger generations to 'practice awareness'," she explains. Find out which type of smart woman you are most like and use the information you gain as a tool for self-growth or how to better understand working with these types of women in your own businesses.      more ...

Bringing Passion into Your Cover Letter
Looking for a job? Make sure your covering letter gets noticed. Read our top tips on how to show your passion for work and, by association, your potential employer's work, goals and business ambitions.      more ...

A Dozen Tips For Efficient Appointments
Have you ever arrived at an appointment to find that you have been stood up? Or the person with whom you were meeting didn't do what was necessary to make the appointment worthwhile? When appointments are thwarted, it is harder for you to reach your goals in a timely manner. Here are a few tips to help make your appointments most efficient:      more ...

Romance Help on the Job
Romance in the office? Few matters upset a serious work environment more than stewing intimate stress between colleagues. The trick is to merge the romantic and professional domains in a way that downplays their risk to one another. We have 5 romance tips to show you how.      more ...

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  • So, that's the round up for April. Do keep checking back with us as we bring new features, information and tools each week, all designed to help you do the great job that you do.

    As always, we value your feedback and would welcome your comments about this section or any other part of the site. Please email us at

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