At Holiday Inn, we go out of our way to give you a personalised, flexible service when booking meeting rooms or business accommodation. We are always looking for new ideas to ensure we are the best we can be, so please take a couple of minutes to complete our survey. Thank you in advance.

1. When organising meetings, conferences or events, do you use a printed venue directory or other printed material to understand venue offerings?

2. Are websites useful when looking for suitable venues for the meeting?
Yes definitely
No - they are not user friendly
No - prefer to speak to someone

3. What is your main reason for choosing one venue over another?
Venue Information (e.g. Brochure / website)
Other - please state    

4. What tools make your organising meetings simpler?
An informative person to speak to
An in-depth brochure that takes me through the services the venue provide
A user friendly venue website
One dedicated website featuring all venues and service information
Other - please state    

5. Have you ever booked a meeting, conference or event at Holiday Inn?
Yes frequently
Yes occasionally
No, but would consider Holiday Inn in the future
No, would not consider

6. Are you a member of BusinessClub?
No, but am considering joining

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