by Nathan E Leavitt DC

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or CTS is very common for people that type frequently while they work. It is also common for people with jobs that require a lot of repetitive movement with the fingers, hands and wrists. People with diabetes, thyroid disease and rheumatoid arthritis are more prone to developing CTS as well. Certain things should be done to help prevent the disease as it can seriously affect your ability to work and enjoy life.
Setting your work place up correctly can help to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. Maintaining the correct posture and positioning the keyboard correctly are important. The shoulders should be relaxed while typing on the keyboard. Your wrists should be the same height as your fingers, not higher or lower. It is common for people to type with the wrists lower than the fingers which can put strain on the wrist.
It is better to sit closer to the desk. You should avoid slouching and allowing your chin to shift forward. It is also important to use a lumbar support to help support the lumbar spine. Your hips and knees should be at approximately 90 degrees with the feet flat on the floor. You should avoid slouching over to read work that is being typed. You can purchase a stand that will hold the work to allow you to sit upright while you type.
Using a wrist rest is helpful to avoid straining the wrists while typing. Some keyboards have keys with a higher resistance. This can make typing more difficult because you have to pound the keys harder to type. This will cause more straining on the wrist and make you more prone to developing carpal tunnel syndrome. Adjusting the keyboard tension can help to avoid this problem and make typing easier.
Performing wrist exercises before typing can help to warm up the wrists and prevent strain. There are several effective exercises that are simple and easy to do. One simple exercise you can do is to shake the hands before typing for a minute or making a fist with each hand for about 10 seconds. These exercises only require a couple minutes and can be effective in helping to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.
Taking frequent breaks is also important. When breaking, it important to rest the wrists and the eyes. It is a good idea to walk away from the computer and keyboard when taking a break. You should take a break every half hour. Software programs have been designed to remind you to take a break while you are working. These methods explained are simple but can be very effective in helping to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome.
- Nathan Leavitt DC
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