By Alison Pedrick, Editor
Book: Breakthrough
Author: David C M Carter
Published by Little, Brown Book Group, £14.99
About the book: In 1954, Roger Bannister decided he would break the four-minute-mile record. Not only did he do this, but within a year, his achievement empowered 37 others to do the same. He accomplished his own 'breakthrough' and inspired others to push themselves beyond what they thought they could achieve.

For the first time, the world's leading mentor David C M Carter shares his most effective 'breakthrough' secrets in this practical guide to becoming the best you can be. Previously only accessible to his handful of exclusive international clients, these strategies are the keys to a more successful and happier you. By following them, you will learn how to identify and clarify your goals - and then achieve them in every area of your life.

With simple, easy-to-action 'breakthroughs' outlined in each chapter, complete with 'how-to' tools, you'll have no excuse to live anything less than the life you were destined to live.


A motivational and inspiring self-help book which hits many facets and spectrums of "go for it" and one that emphasises that in life we do have choices to be the best we can be - and be true to ourselves.

Written by the man they call 'The Mentor', this is David C M Carter's first book sharing for the first time the knowledge he normally just shares with just 10 clients at a time.

The book has 20 chapters that are set out in a pleasant and yet thought provoking format and have been designed to help you understand in manageable sizes how to achieve your goals. But first it guides you to understand what your goals are - that as human beings we have primary needs. Finding meaning in life through: Who am I? Why am I here? What am I supposed to do now I am here?

There are anecdotal and credible references throughout the book which the reader can relate to and give it the feel of "yes, that is me" and each chapter focuses breaks down a different topic to guide and equip you to help you 'breakthrough'.

How do you achieve that kind of breakthrough? The book will help by:
- knowing what your target for achievement is
- setting yourself the highest realistic target you can aim for
finding out what you need to do (and, maybe, the new skills you need to master) to achieve that target
doing your utmost to achieve your breakthrough. 

The work book section at the back of the book is of an easy-to-do format and gives the reader a feel of "I want to push on and do it".

The word 
BREAKTHROUGH is rightfully reinforced throughout the book and this subtle repetition encourages the reader at every turn - it's as if David is in your corner every step of the way - your very own mentor.

The book reinforces that the reader should stop and take stock of what they have accomplished and pat themselves on the back, try not to always focus on the negatives or perceived negatives in your life, you have a choice... The exercise that helped with that and I thought was extremely good and yet simple was the Stream Tool #20 section. I believe this is an exercise that will manage to get anyone's brain cells working and self motivated - also it will pleasantly surprise the reader of their accomplishments. 

It is refreshing that David doesn't focus on making money or seeing success in material items; it's a more spiritual book, helping you address the core of who you are, that you have a right to be fulfilled and happy and showing you how it is possible to achieve this. The fact that this is David's first book and you are reading this review, means that he has found his his 'North Star' - who better to help you find yours.

This would be ideal Christmas gift - corporate or otherwise, or for yourself, and it a book that you can re-read to ensure you have the compass, tools and encouragement you when you feel you are losing your way to your goals, your 'North Star' and being the best you can be.

About the author: David says: "I believe that the purpose of life is being and becoming the very best version of ourselves.

Every day we face dozens of choices. We must ask ourselves, “Which choice will help me become the very best version of myself that I can possibly be?” Understanding this simple truth, and committing to it, is what separates the best from the rest.
I mentor only ten highly successful, carefully chosen clients at any one time. They include CEOs, business leaders and entrepreneurs, plus celebrities, philanthropists and a small handful of other interesting successful ‘movers, shakers and shapers’ who want to be and become the very best versions of themselves."

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