These days, more and more people are working with computers in their everyday jobs. Of course, there are still plenty of office jobs that do not require the constant use of computers, but all over the world jobs are adapting to involve more work done on computer screens. This leads to a great deal of efficiency with a variety of different work-related tasks, but it can also lead to a good deal of discomfort for employees spending too much time staring at computer screens. Too much time at your desk in front of your screen can make your eyes uncomfortable, which can in turn lead to headaches, decreased concentration, and general dissatisfaction with your working environment. So, how can you prevent the eye strain that leads to these types of issues if your job requires you to use a computer? Here are a few basic but helpful tips.

The simplest way to keep yourself from experiencing frequent discomfort in your workplace is to take occasional breaks and step away from your screen. In general, it is often recommended to take a ten minute break every hour or two while working, simply in order to keep your mind fresh and keep yourself focused during the time you do spend working. This concept can also apply specifically to resting your eyes. Stepping away from your desk for ten minutes every now and then can keep your eyes and head from experiencing the discomforts a computer screen can cause.
Screen Position

Additionally, for the time that you spend at your desk, it is recommended that you make an effort to keep your computer screen at least two feet from your face. Many people have a tendency to lean forward to look closely at their screens while they work, but the closer you get to your computer screen the more likely you are to experience discomfort. Organising your desk to keep your screen two feet or more from your face can make you a great deal more comfortable overall.


If you are still finding yourself occasionally uncomfortable at your computer screen, you may want to address your eyes more directly. For example, Acuvue contact lenses come in many different styles made for different people, and finding a better pair of contact lenses may help to keep your eyes moist and comfortable as you look at your computer screen all day. Extended periods of concentration can cause you to keep your eyes open wide, and this can dry them out if they are not properly equipped.
Despite their seeming simplicity, these basic tips can help you to not only be more comfortable at work, but also more productive. If you are constantly feeling your eyes straining, your head pounding, or your concentration wavering as you work at your computer, you need to work on giving your eyes a break. The tips listed above can be a great start toward improving your interaction with your work environment.