By Phalgunn Maharishi

You are unable to remember things easily and you seem to forget what you read yesterday but many people around you remember a lot. You forget your friend's birthday and depend on your mobile phone to remind you while many others store it in their brains. Isn't it a little embarrassing or a little more shocking? Yes! It is!

So, how can you remember more and improve your brain power effortlessly? Well, you need to understand the potentiality of your brain. How? Keep it active!

The kids nowadays seem to spend a lot of time on their couch watching television! We know we all need entertainment to fight our day-to-day stress but watching television more than needed is not entertainment, but mere slowing down of the brain power. Instead, keep thinking rigorously about what and how can be done to a particular thing that's bugging your brain since couple of days be it regarding education or work or anything!

So, it's about time to say goodbye to all the curses you make upon yourself for not remembering where you kept your car keys after your long drive back home from office or for not able to recall the answers during the examinations. Researchers and psychiatrists are nowadays coming up with many proven techniques to overcome such problems and boost your memory!


Yup! Pay some attention please because that is what required to make our brain more active!

There are two types of memory in our brain; one is the short-term memory and the other, long-term memory! To remember effectively we need to store things in our long-term memory! Now, don't get shocked! Let's make it more simple. We just need to be more attentive without any distractions. We can be more attentive only when we are more active! It's a directly proportional kind of relationship you see! More the attentiveness more the activeness and more the activeness more the attentiveness.

So, how to be more active? The answer is simple - "Exercise". Exercising does not necessarily mean working out in a gym for 4 hours a day. All we need here is a brisk walk early in the morning or swimming or even jogging! Try them! They are the perfect packages available on this Planet Earth you can get to refresh yourself naturally.

Exercising daily regularizes the pumping of blood and thus keeps our brain active. If the oxygen and nutrients do not enter our brain in required quantity, our brain compromises to work accordingly to what input it gets. We all know, better the inputs more better the outputs! This line is commonly heard to you if you are a management student. Well, let's not get into management and science stuffs now! Let's concentrate on how to tackle the memory loss we face in our daily life!

There is this major culprit in everyone's life known as stress which leads to depression in many cases which in turn is also responsible for the loss of memory in our brain. Stress like anger or anxiety or depression misguide us and our mental ability. Hence we are unable to concentrate and thus we seem forgetting things. So, we need to tackle the ups and downs of our life in a calm and easy way. After all, what are we going to get if we are stressed up?! Think about it!!

Staying up till the late hours of the night is a fashion nowadays! But, what we are forgetting is that our brain needs sufficient rest after a busy day just as the way our body needs! We cannot keep our brain busy more than it can take. Can we run around 24 hours a day? We need rest. Don't we? Then why not our brain?! We need some quality sleeping hours. No wonder why our elders tell us to sleep at 10 PM and wake up at 6 AM!

Some people fight stress through music! It is not just refreshing to listen to music but also useful in boosting our memory! Learning things along with music is always a good option which many researches have proved about. People can recall what they learned using songs as synonyms and then bring up the memories fresh to their brain. Music serves as cue while remembering what they learnt. But yes! I know! Parents scold you if you would fix your headphone up in your ears with some rock songs banging and holding a book to study! That's not worth it! Let it be soothing enough to keep our brain calm!

Students can teach their friends what they learnt which thereby helps them in return to recapitulate what they learnt and also while teaching others, the amount of attention is considerably high compared to that while reading the matter for ourselves. This increases the understanding and recalling nature of memory of students. So, be a teacher to be a good student!

Lastly, an important note for students to remember what they study is to study what they like and not what others like them to study!
Phalgunn Maharishi is a young and enthusiastic writer and journalist with some ample experience in human interest feature stories and creative pieces. A media freak at heart with his mind always running through words, chords and tunes. He is also an Avid Blogger, Music Composer and Singer. Apart from penning some words, composing and singing; Phalgunn is often seen watching advertisements and reading some interesting pieces.

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