LGB Direct investigates whether the experience and knowledge that comes with travelling can make someone more successful as an entrepreneur.

LGB Direct has discovered that most entrepreneurs believe that travelling has helped to or will help them become more successful. Entrepreneurs believe that travelling plays an important developmental role in becoming a better entrepreneur because it gives them an understanding of how to communicate in different ways, as well as the chance to experience new cultures. The entire process of travelling is believed to have profound effects on more than just a person’s personal life.

LGB Direct have looked into and revealed the tangible benefits entrepreneurs are bringing home from their travels:

Ability to adapt - Travel, like business, involves changing plans and finding ways to adapt to new environments. As an entrepreneur it is important to be flexible and situations are likely to arise where they will be forced to pivot. The experiences gained travelling will shape how a person handles these situations in the workplace.

Better communication - Communication is not just knowing how to put words together, but includes being able to control body language, make impressions and lead with authority. When travelling, language barriers can force new creative ways of communicating. Entrepreneurs often find that these experiences help shape how they communicate and network with peers.

Cultural awareness - Even young entrepreneurs with small start-ups should expect to interact with foreign cultures. Travelling provides a look at other cultures to show that different isn’t necessarily bad.

Time management - Travelling involves a lot of time keeping, from getting to the airport on time to making time to see all the best sites, ambitious travellers don’t let their guard down. This skill clearly translates back to business and instils a better sense of time management in those who have extensive experience travelling.

Networking - Entrepreneurs can use travelling as a networking tool. It allows the entrepreneur to build relationships with people around the world, which can come in handy when starting a new venture. It also helps strengthen networking skills by forcing people out of their comfort zones and to interact with people they otherwise wouldn't.

Working with constraints - Travelling teaches people to work with what they have, which often means limited resources. Entrepreneurs often don’t have everything they need to launch a new venture so they have to learn to adapt and work with what they have.

Leadership - Travelling teaches leadership every step of the way. Those who travel are forced to make decisions and interact with those around them. This ability to lead whilst travelling will help people to be able to lead as an entrepreneur as well.