Kristjan Novitski, Founder and MD of and his PA, Heike Paberits

Who are you and what is your startup all about?
Kristjan Novitski, founder of short term loan company,  We are a direct lender best described by the following three words – fast, easy and secure!

We currently offer short term loans from £50 to £500 with multiple repayment options that give our customers a choice to choose when and how they wish to pay.

The majority of our customers are based in London, Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham and Liverpool and 60% are men, 40% women. 

We pride ourselves on being a responsible lender that abides by the rules given by the OFT (Office of Fair Trading, the CFA (Consumer Financial Association) and now the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) who have just taken over regulation of the industry.  We make sure that we only lend to people who can afford to borrow, only approving 7% of the loans applications we receive and those who apply must have a monthly income of over £600.

What are the core beliefs and values of your company?
Our core beliefs are based upon the three ‘Es’ – Expectations Exceeding Experience.  We want all of our customers’ expectations to be exceeded.  We also want to provide a trust-worthy and reliable service, creating long-term relationships with clients who know we are there when they need us – and who we can rely on to pay us back.  Of the 12,600 average weekly claims we accept, just 7% are approved highlighting the strict checks we have in place, ensuring that we’re providing a service to people who really need us, rather than something that can be exploited by people who will simply drive further and further into debt.  

Where did you get the name from?
I came up with the name ‘Peachy’ because of its positive connotations – “life is peachy!”  I wanted “to create a feeling” and with a name like Peachy it opened up the potential for diversification under this dynamic brand, to match the dynamic world we live in. 

Who are your biggest competitors?
Wonga and QuickQuid.

One thing every entrepreneur must know?
That running a business is one of the hardest things you are ever going to do – and if you want to succeed, you must never give up.  If you had said to me in 2008 how hard this was going to be I wouldn’t have taken the challenge back then.  But it has been worth it; you just need to remember that life is going to hit you but it doesn’t matter how hard you get hit, it only matters how fast you get back up again.

What’s the next steps for Peachy?
Over the next six months my energy is focused around our authorisation with the FCA - who are taking over regulation of the short term loan industry this month.  We want to make sure that we are fully compliant with any new rules they bring in and find out if there’s anywhere we can improve so that we become one of the top companies in the consumer credit market. 
Our main focus is ensuring Peachy is giving the best service we can and that we’re doing the right thing by the FCA and our customers.

What would you look for in a PA/Secretary?
Most of all I think that a PA or Secretary has to be a fast learner. He or she has to have very good communication skills because sometimes that person has to be my “voice” among the staff or in correspondence with my partners. Accuracy and attention to detail is also very important.

 What made your current PA/Secretary stand out in the interview process?
She was punctual, never late to our meetings and also, never too early. She had a strong hand shake and you could feel that positive self-confidence in her.

And, of course good communication skills, correct language usage and an openness to learn new things.

Krisjtan’s PA is Heike Paberits. She says:

What do you like most about your job?
In Peachy there is always something interesting and new happening, and that’s what I like most about my job. It’s amazing to see a small start-up becoming more and more significant. Almost every day I learn something new, whether it’s about communication between people or about the business itself.  

 If there is one, what does a ‘typical’ day look like for you?
 My typical day starts with reading through the correspondence, then I attend all the necessary meetings, write down the minutes and share it between concerned people.  I am also responsible for a small part of human resources - handling the vacations, keeping in mind our colleagues’ birthdays and organising team events etc.

What are the most important skills you use at work?
Every task I do requires different skills, but the most important ones that I need to use every day are communication, organising and planning skills but being able to multi-task also comes in handy!

Why did you decide to be a PA/Secretary?
I was just finishing my degree in Human Resources and this opportunity came up, I took it right away! It was the perfect challenge. I’ve always been organised and I love to plan ahead so this job seemed fitting. I play an important role for Kristjan as I schedule his upcoming meetings and represent the clients. 

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