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What's New at DeskDemon in July 2008
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Hi everyone,

Welcome to a special issue of What's New @ DeskDemon. This month we have an extra issue dedicated to jumpstarting 2010. We have several articles to help you start 2010 right and make it the best year ever. Don't worry because next week you will receive the normal "What's new" with the best of the best on DeskDemon and links to the hottest topics on Dnet.

Here are a few articles to jump start your 2010.

Leadership and Management Success in 2010

A new year presents a golden opportunity to take stock and set out plans for great success in the year ahead. For many, achieving the results that they want as a leader or manager is an important area, not least because of the personal rewards it brings. In reality, success as a leader or manager does not happen by chance, so what are the 8 key questions you need to answer to achieving greater success as a leader or manager in 2010?

What Do You Want To Achieve This Year?

So you've come back into the office after the holidays, determined that things will be different this year. You will write that novel, decorate the kitchen, stop moaning about the boss. This year is for you to do what you want to do. The problem is that you have a sneaky suspicion that in 12 months from now, you'll be saying "Where did this year go?" and wondering why you didn't do many of the things you said you would. "What's the point of setting resolutions when I never get around to any of them?" So how can you go about making sure this year is a year in which you do get things done? There are three key steps to working out what you want to achieve.

Saving Office Hours With New Colour Copiers

The new year has arrived and people are flooding back to work in their thousands, struggling through the remains of the snow that has been left behind as we all attempt to make a fresh and bubbly start to 2010. For some of us the optimism may be short lived, it is common knowledge that electronic components and equipment are the cause of increased stress levels within the office, a printer that wont print, colour copiers that won't copy and computer screens which flicker giving eyestrain.

How Often Should You Exercise?

So you have decided to start on your 2010 health and fitness regime. You have hundreds of options available to you: join a gym, start a fitness class, exercise at home or train for an event. No matter what option you choose there is still one question that must always be answered, how often should I exercise?

New Year?s Resolutions - Did You Think About This?

Are you one of the 40%-45% of people who made a New Year's resolution this year but find you're already struggling to keep on track? Weight loss, smoking cessation, and financial prosperity are just a few of the areas we try to achieve for the coming year but within a week 75% of us have given up on our well meant commitment.

New Years Resolutions Vs Goal Setting

How many of you make New Year's resolutions year after year only to find that your plans fall flat or never even take off at all? How many of you even bother making any resolutions at all let alone follow through?


DeskDemon has alot planned for 2010, and would love to know what YOU want this year. Send us your request and we will do our best to get your topic covered in 2010.

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