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With the country blanketed in snow and a chilly wind outside, it is a great time to sit down with a cuppa and take a few minutes to catch up on what you may have missed on DeskDemon!. Have you seen our latest news alerts, for example, which cover a multitude of subjects from the latest airfare offers to new government legislation, survey results, as well as, information on new product and service launches? Or, have you entered our current poll on pre-arranged mid-meeting interventions? Then there are the latest posts on the forum boards – can you, for instance, help Cathy17, who needs advice on producing an in-house newsletter? Or bristolmary, who is seeking help on how to handle an issue with a senior colleague? And then, of course, there are all the newest features from dealing with the latest computer viruses, updated information on US travel visas, honing your memory skills to becoming more organised. And, that’s just for starters!

So, what’s new on DeskDemon this month?

Day in the life of
Day in the life of... First, we have a request. We would like to hear from you. One of the most popular features published in PA Enterprise, our digital magazine is our Day in the Life of... series,. So once again we are requesting a moment of your time to submit your own Day in the Life of... editorial piece. It’s very easy to do – just answer the questions on our online form. It couldn’t be simpler. So go on! Share your experiences with your peers and you could soon be a cover feature on PA Enterprise. Plus, if we publish your story, we’ll send you a £25 voucher as a thank you.
The Main Event 09
For those of you in Scotland, The Main Event 09 taking place at SECC, Glasgow on Thursday, 12th March from 9.30 am – 5.30 pm is a must visit. It is Scotland’s only event dedicated to corporate events, hospitality and entertainment and brings together the best of Scotland’s suppliers under one roof. And, registration is FREE!
What Makes Your Relationship Work With Your Boss?
Survey 2009 Have you ever wondered why your relationship with your boss works so well, or perhaps doesn't?

Researchers from Glasgow University are currently investigating the dynamics of the workplace in which professional secretaries and executives interact and are urgently requesting your help with their research. There are two quick questionnaires to complete, both exclusively aimed at professional secretaries, assisting either a single or a number of bosses. Of course, all information provided is absolutely confidential and every respondent will not only receive a personal profiling of your own professional strengths but also the results of the research, on its completion. This is really worthwhile and we hope you can find a couple of minutes to submit your answers.
Memory Techniques to Get Ahead in Life
Forget your grocery list, people’s names, or directions often? Well believe it or not, you don’t have to be blessed at birth with a photographic memory. After following just a few simple techniques, it’s possible for anyone to enjoy an increased memory capacity. Greg Frost, a leading innovator in memory skills shares the various types of photographic memory techniques to help you hone your skills.
Protect against email leakage!
In 2008 there were many high profile and embarrassing email data loss blunders and email is now one of the primary outlets of data leakage. We have top tips from Email security specialist, Proofpoint to help you protect confidentiality of personal identity and financial information in outbound email.
The Top Excuses for Clutter and Disorganisation in Your Office
Organised people are the envy of us all. Their workspace is neat and tidy, and they never fumble through drawers or stacks of paper to find what they are looking for. Fortunately anyone can learn to be organised, but first you have recognise the excuses that people use as to why they aren’t organised. Personal Time Management trainer, Denise Landers, explains the six common excuses for not actually achieving the organised state that you would really like to reach.
Fraud and scams warning from HMRC
HMRC Fraudsters are sending out high volumes of emails supposedly sent from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) offering tax rebates, warns HMRC. Know what to look to ensure the email you receive is legitimate.
Managing Your Friends in the Workplace
Managing friends in your work place Managing personal relationships when you are in a position of authority is a slippery slope. Showing too much or too little attention to acquaintances can quickly cause you to lose the respect of your other subordinates. To help you separate friendships, keep a healthy balance and remain professional, we asked Andrew Rondeau, a highly successful Senior Manager, to give you quick and simple tips to steer you in the right direction.
MS Excel 2003: How To Control What Data Can Be Entered Into Cells
Microsoft Excel 2003: How to control what data can be entered into cells Controlling what data can be entered by others into specific cells in a MS Excel spreadsheet can be easily done with an internal tool called Data Validation. This tool can ensure that the entered data is within the range you anticipated and at the same time prevents the user from accidentally putting the wrong value into your cell.
JobDesk If you are looking for a new job or just curious on what opportunities are available, visit the JobDesk. The JobDesk offers you the opportunity to look through a large variety of employer vacancies, receive job specifications via e-mail and manage your own personal jobseeker's area. Check out the JobDesk regularly, so you don't miss out on the best variety of secretarial job opportunities around!
If your company is looking for secretarial or administrative staff, you can post details of the position absolutely free of charge.
Share Your Knowledge
Share Your Knowledge Share your knowledge and submit your own article on everything from simple “How To” articles, tips and tricks, or even more in-depth topics like office politics. Do you feel particularly strong in an area, or have a better way to accomplish a task? If you are concerned your writing isn’t up to par, send us your draft and our editors will polish it up and refine your work. Don’t be shy, share your expertise!

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