What's New at DeskDemon in December 2007
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As always DeskDemon is stuffed full of informative articles, news of the latest promotions from our partners and opportunities for you to win some really great prizes. There are also some fantastic on pack offers at the moment from winning a VIP trip to New York City to winning one of up to £250,000 worth of Virgin experience prizes. Plus, Budget BusinessConnections is giving a whole host of offers when you join their loyalty scheme.

Our extremely popular Microsoft competition continues and this month it's the turn of Microsoft Word. You could be in with a chance to win a fabulous laptop, simply by answering one question correctly. Don't worry if you have already entered, you can enter as often as you like to increase your chances of winning. We're also getting ever closer to the Management Support Fellowship Award final in June. So, if you haven't yet nominated yourself or a colleague, time is running out for your chance to win the grand prize of £10,000. Congratulations to Michelle Corr who took the plunge and has been voted our March winner.

Plus, don't miss our features on Mentoring, Becoming an Effective Executive, Understanding your Carbon Footprint and our newly redesigned horoscope, by the ever-popular Ysanne.

So a packed month for you and here's just a flavour of what's new...


Get your 'feet' into this! The all new 'Step out in Style' promotion with Post-it Brand and Scotch Brand products will provide purchasers with the opportunity to claim a free £10 shoe voucher, and the chance to win a VIP trip to New York City.

EXCLUSIVE: DeskDemon users also have the chance to win a new M&S outfit!

Massage Vouchers to be Won Thanks to BUDGET RENT-A-CAR

For your chance to win one of five massage vouchers, sign up to Budget BusinessConnections - a free, no contract car rental loyalty scheme for small businesses. Once registered, PAs receive a 5% discount on each rental, free upgrades on first five rentals, plus other special offers / services.

To register and be entered into the prize draw, visit www.budget.co.uk/businessconnections and enter BCD number G978500.

What an Amazing Experience!
Experience Rexel

Win one of up to £250,000 worth of Virgin experience prizes instantly. Fancy a personal photo-shoot? Or a flying lesson maybe? Buy your favourite Crystalfile suspension files now and you could win an amazing Virgin Experience, by playing a Virtual Scratchcard. And for every three purchases of selected Crystalfile Classic and Crystalfile Extra you'll receive £10 worth of Virtual Virgin Experience Vouchers.

Management Support Fellowship Award Final - Not Long Left!
Management Support Fellowship Award

We are getting ever nearer the final of the Management Support Fellowship Award 2007 in June. The overall 2007-2008 winner will announced at the glittering awards ceremony, and presented with an amazing £10,000 and six months of executive PA performance coaching plus a host of other prizes. Their nominator will go home with a cool £2,500 too. The Award celebrates the very best in the administrative profession and is still open to nominations. If you know of someone you think is deserving of this prestigious award then please place your nomination.

Congratulations to the March winner Michelle Corr, a senior administrative officer at the Belfast City Centre Management Company, who was nominated by Eoin Bradley, a software analyst with Citigroup in Belfast.

Microsoft Competition and Demos

Why not take a few minutes to enter our Microsoft Competition. This month it's the turn of the Microsoft Word demo...To be in with a chance of winning a laptop and two copies of Microsoft Office 2007 just watch this interesting animated demo and then answer a simple question about what you see, and complete your details and press submit. At the same time you'll learn something new about this essential program, so it's time well spent!

And, remember, even if you've entered in a previous month there's nothing stopping you entering again - it could be your turn to win this time!

The Five Habits of Effective Executives
Five Habits of Effective Executives

It's not easy to be an effective executive. You face pressures and challenges from all sorts of directions. Staying on top of the job is very difficult if you don't form the right habits. If you have habits that ensure you're in control of your time, focused on results and building on your strengths you have the firm foundations in place to be an effective executive. Discover what these five habits are and how you can develop them.

Understanding the Carbon Footprint and How It Affects the Environment
Carbon Footprint

"Carbon footprint" is an established part of our vocabulary now. Despite this, it is still a confusing term to many of us. We all know that it is important to reduce it, but we don't know exactly how to go about it. This article outlines the basics, and shows that by assessing your annual energy consumption through travelling, consuming and maintaining your home and implementing certain strategies and habits you can reduce the your effect on the environment.

Agony Uncle Paul Pennant Answers Your Questions
Agony Uncle

Our agony uncle Paul Pennant is in big demand. An entrepreneur and trainer, Paul has a wealth of experience to put at your disposal. If you have a problem or need some advice, then why not submit your question to Paul here? Take a look at Paul's answers to such issues as distracting colleagues, a troublemaker manager, being asked out by the boss, and a gloomy work environment.

Ysanne: Aries Stars
Ysanne: Aries Stars

Have a look at this month's stars courtesy of Ysanne, to see how things are panning out for you and what actions you can take to bring about positive change. We've now hit spring - or the new year as nature sees it - and change is unfolding all around us. In keeping with the spirit of transformation in nature, Ysanne's stars have an exciting and energetic new page design!

The History of Mentoring
The History of Mentoring

Mentoring has been around for a long time - in fact, probably since humans started first working together, teaching each other how to fashion tools, hunt animals and bash each other on the heads with sticks. This article cites a character in Homer's epic poem, The Odyssey. Mentoring is increasingly popular at the moment and, within business, people including CEOs and managing directors are using mentors to improve their skills. Mentors can greatly further your personal development and aid you in achieving your short and long-term goals.


So that's it for April, have a fantastic month and enjoy the onset of spring!

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