What's New at DeskDemon in June 2007
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We hope you enjoy this month's bite-sized round-up of all that's good on DeskDemon.com for the month of July!

Here's what's in store at DeskDemon.com...

Green Office Policies Tips at DeskDemon Networking Event
Royal Garden Hotel

Are you keen to be green? Do you wish your offices were more environmentally friendly? You're not alone! Many PAs feel the same way, but they just don't know how to get started. We can help! For our next free PA networking event, we've joined forces with Envirowise, the Government-sponsored programme which helps businesses get to grips with green practices at work. So come and join us on 9 July 2007, 6.30-8.30pm at the delightful five-star Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington for drinks, canapés, and the facts about green issues at work. Register now to be assured of a place!

Your Voice
Your Voice

Our brand new Your Voice forum is the talk of the site - quite literally! If you haven't checked it out, yet, go and see what your PA colleagues and peers are talking about! This exciting just-launched element to DeskDemon.com is just for you - to let off steam, to express your views, to test what others think, and to ask for help. A very lively debate is currently running about whether having kids holds back a woman's career, PAs are swapping thoughts about how green their offices are, and we've had some very "frank" views (yes, VERY frank!) about smokers in the workplace! Quite timely given the new smoking ban! So don't miss out on the chat - go and add Your Voice!

Reward Yourself with Intercontinental Hotels Group

BusinessClub is a new award-wining scheme introduced by the Intercontinental Hotels Group to reward you for each booking you make at over 350 InterContinental, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn and Express By Holiday Inn Hotels throughout Europe. Giving you the flexibility required in this busy world, the scheme has a number of fantastic benefits. Join up today to ensure you get the thank you that you deserve.

Management Support Fellowship Award
Fellowship Award

What a fittingly fantastic party we had to launch our new Management Support Fellowship Award! The luxurious Café de Paris in London, stunning Samba dancers, endless canapés and Champagne, and - most importantly - a host of PAs from all sectors of UK plc. The Award is unique because the winning PA will be chosen by you - by secretaries, management support staff, and PAs across the country. The top prize is a mouth-watering £10,000, and the nominator pulls in a fantastic £2,500. So if you haven't already done so, join the PAs who have already nominated the colleagues they admire or nominate yourself. Voting will start in July and continue all year, so get your nominations in now!

Five Tips for Dealing with Criticism or Rejection at Work
Dealing with criticism

We all get negative feedback and criticism at work from time to time. It's a part of life! It can be tempting to take it all to heart. Some of us will feel our self-esteem has taken a knock, others will respond to the criticism by lashing out in anger. But there are better ways to deal with criticism that turn the painful negative into a healing positive! Read our super advice so that next time you're better prepared to face rejection!

Working Out: Getting Back in Shape
Working out

We know you PAs are busy people. We know too that your days are already full to the brim. But for so many reasons, it makes sense to be as fit as you can be. If you can squeeze some regular exercise into your life, you'll beat stress, relax more, tackle that aching back and neck, sleep better, and work better! We offer some "real world" advice on how to get a fitness programme into your daily life and become a happier, healthier person because of it.

A Simple Tip for Managing Office Politics
Managing office politics

Oh boy, do first impressions count! This succinct article tells a scary story of getting off on the wrong foot, and paying for it with your job! When you're the new girl - or boy - on the block, it pays to learn the office politics, suss out the personalities you'll be working with, and take great care not to ruffle any feathers. Read this cautionary tale and be warned!

Wise Words on Failure
Wise words

Everybody has that feeling of failure at some point. But as our super, motivating article shows, self-belief has helped some of the world's greatest thinkers and leaders - and it will help you too! After all, to paraphrase a famous quote, the only people who have never made a mistake are those who have never tried anything new. Check out our compilation of advice from famous leaders and be inspired!


There we go - that's you up to date on what's hip, hop and happening at DeskDemon for another month. We've been thoroughly enjoying reading the first Award nominations we have received so far, so keep them coming! And remember - if you're not in, you can't win!

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