What's New at DeskDemon in June 2007
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Here's our August round-up of fabulous news from DeskDemon.com and we're sure you won't want to miss a thing. It's all here for you - from generous give-away prizes, to ways to keep in touch with your colleagues, and from essential articles on the issues that matter, to requests for assistance from top industry names.

And most important of all, we have moved into phase two of our superb Management Support Fellowship Award - the voting! More exciting than Big Brother and certainly more rewarding than I'm a Celebrity, we are inviting every registered user to vote for their favourite candidate PAs in this year-long competition. So you, DeskDemon users, will choose your winner! How fantastic is that?

So, get voting - and nominating, because it's not too late - and make sure you take part in this unique PA Award.

And there's plenty more to enjoy this month on the site, too...

Time to vote for the best PAs!
Time to vote

The beauty of DeskDemon's Management Support Fellowship Award is that YOU get to decide who wins! Yes, that's right - DeskDemon's audience vote for the winners! It's time for the voting to start, so make sure you place votes for your favourite PAs. Each of you, as registered users, has 10 votes per month to cast for your favourite candidates, so check out the PAs and get voting! Don't forget, nominations continue throughout the year, so it's not too late to nominate yourself or a colleague. Each monthly winner is entered into the final, and the overall winner bags an incredible £10,000! There's no PA competition like it!

DYMO celebrates 50 years of success with 'Golden Ticket Giveaway'

DYMO, the global leader in designing, manufacturing and marketing on-demand labelling devices, celebrates its fiftieth birthday this year. To commemorate fifty years at the top, DYMO has launched the 'Golden Ticket Giveaway', providing customers with the chance to win one of 50 'golden' prizes.

Brother's mono laser range can help businesses save on printing costs

In an independent research, Brother's HL-5250DN came out as the most economical choice over three years for offices printing an average of 12,000 pages per year, when taking into account the initial purchase price and on-going printing costs. Compared against three equivalent competitor models, users could save up to 20%.

Ask the experts (that's you!)
Holiday Inn

At Holiday Inn, they strive constantly to provide a personalised, flexible service to everyone who books meeting rooms or business accommodation with them. And they are always looking for new ideas, to ensure they are the best they can be in every aspect. Which is why they'd really appreciate it if you could give them a couple of minutes of your time to share all those years of experience in a short survey. Understanding what you need can only help them to give you what you need! Thank you for your time!

Fancy getting promoted?
Getting promoted

Ever wondered what it takes to be promoted? We give you the five essentials that every smart worker should know. Follow our guide and you'll be able to show your boss that you're a super-capable member of the team and an important component in the organisation's success - all vital when promotion time comes around!

Have we heard your voice?
Your voice

Mel thinks smokers get far too much time off work already, Diane feels that having children can slow down your career, Eddie thinks that just being a woman in business holds you back, Cristina says some admin staff mistakenly use the title "PA", while HB believes PAs don't have much influence at work. Nothing too contentious there, then! DeskDemon's PAs are exchanging views on all sorts of topics in the new Your Voice section, so why not check them out! The latest suggestion is that if you call someone "Blondie" or "Shorty" at work you might get sued for "lookism" - what do you think about that?

Safety at work - it's down to you
Safety at work

Safety in the office is a serious issue requiring serious attention. Accidents and injuries can occur at any place and at any time. Limiting their likelihood is good for business and positively great for employees! Check out these ways to ensure your safety planning is protecting you and your colleagues.

The secrets of success

Successful people - in whatever fields and in whatever way - all share certain personality and character traits. Creativity, courage and emotional intelligence are all important attributes, amongst others, which can lead to success and fulfilment. We don't need all five, and it is possible to work on the ones you think may be important to our own success. We help to demystify the nature of success - read on!

Do you want to be more confident at work?
Self confidence

Low self-confidence in any area of your life can be debilitating, but at work, where we spend so much of our day and invest so much of our energy, low self-confidence can make us miserable. We outline the main causes of low self-confidence and look at ways to address them, so you can become a happier, more fulfilled person. Don't miss it!

Interviewing the Interviewer: Five Top Tips

We all speculate about what we're going to be asked in interviews, but just as important is thinking about what you are going to ask them - interviewing the interviewer. Before going into a job it helps if you find out if the role fits your skills and if the work environment is the kind that you'd like to work in. Here are five questions to ask at interview to make sure you make the right choices!


So there you go - a taster of the delights available to you on your favourite website this month. It′s all done with you in mind, so make the most of it.

And don′t forget to use your 10 Award votes wisely for the PA candidates! Check out who′s standing and exercise your power to get them through to the final, or drop them out!

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