SureHook™ Viewer Review Challenge

Do you have a file that is overflowing with paper or a file that is way to heavy?

Are the bars broken or sagging off the rails?

If so, we challenge you to put SureHook™ to the test in a DeskDemon viewer review. Let us know which of these problems you face and 50 of the worst files entries will be randomly selected to receive a SureHook™ file to eliminate their nightmare file. Replace the file, test its strength and effectiveness and then report back to DeskDemon viewers on how it worked for you.


The SureHook™ Reinforced Hanging Folder's patent-pending technology features extra-sturdy metal rods and longer, stronger plastic hooks with built-in tension springs. That means the folder won't bend or sag even if it's overstuffed. It also means SureHook™ stays on rails and slides with ease. If that's not enough, SureHook™ has a reinforced top and bottom to make it even more durable. SureHook™ Reinforced Hanging Folder's fits in perfectly with existing filing systems and is certain to become the new standard for hanging folders.

SureHook™ Viewer Review Challenge