Undelivered twirling baton ? Next time use FedEx for the U.S.A.
The fastest way to more of the U.S.A.
FedEx provides reliable, express, door-to-door, customs cleared delivery services and easy-to-use online tools to manage and monitor your shipping activity.
The fastest way to more of the U.S.A.
- Next day delivery by 8.00am or 8.30am
to almost 14,000 U.S.A. zip codes
- Next day delivery by 10.30am to more than 16,000 U.S.A. zip codes
- Next day deliveries to 46,000 U.S.A. zip codes
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Courteous staff and expertise in customs clearance
- FedEx® Global Trade Manager offers a free and comprehensive resource for simplifying international shipping
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On time and reliable deliveries to the U.S.A.
- Backed by our Money-Back Guarantee
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Easy to use
online Tools
- To monitor all your shipping activity with FedEx Insight® or prepare shipping documents with FedEx Ship Manager®
FedEx Express.