Dear DeskDemon User
Tell us why your job matters needs your help for a bit of research. We have been asked to assist with a research project that focuses on your job. That’s right, we want to know how you see your own contribution to your organisation.

Where do you add value? What would enable you to do your job even better? How has your job changed in recent years? The bad news is that you only have a couple of sentences to tell us.

How does it work?
Imagine your CEO walks in and tells you that he is thinking of making you redundant. A modern, innovative company such as his no longer needs PAs and secretaries, he says. He agrees to give you 30 seconds to try and change his mind while he is in the lift down to his car for a very important meeting.

What would you say to persuade your boss? What would your ‘elevator pitch’ be? Where do you see your future in the company?

Please keep it brief and to-the-point. Your CEO is a very busy man and has a very short attention span – as you know. You can be witty, you can crunch numbers, it’s up to you.
Just think of it as your Dragons’ Den moment. How would you sell yourself?

Please send us your pitch to as soon as possible. Remember, you wouldn’t have much time to think about it if this happened to you in real life. Just send us your thoughts now.

Thank you!