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A report has just been released that Britain faces a skills crisis amongst the work force because employers are not putting enough energy into training. The report puts forward that employers should spend less time complaining and more time training. That's why DeskDemon users should feel proud of themselves - you consistently show yourselves to be pushing to improve your skills and knowledge. That's one reason we're here - to help foster knowledge and skills and provide a support network for PAs and secretaries around the world. That's why we want to hear from you at our PA News Contribution Centre - let's make sure that all our users have access to all of the information they need in order to excel at the their job and ensure that they are as happy and fulfilled as they can be.

What's new at DeskDemon?

As well as a number of great competitions and superb prizes to be won - including Ideal Home Show tickets and £500 of M&S lunchtogo vouchers - we're making a push to widen, and increase the dialogue within, the DeskDemon community. At a time when discussion and support is ever more important, we'd like to provide our users the very best service. So take a look at the newsletter and enjoy!

Ideal Home Show: Win Tickets! The Ideal Home Show is the place to go if you want to make your place the place to be. And it's not long now until this ultimate home event of the autumn calendar. Check out the latest trends in home design, interiors, property and entertaining in the home, as the show is packed full of fantastic shopping ideas, with special show bargains and everything you need to help you totally transform, revive and refresh your home.

What's even better is that DeskDemon is offering 10 lucky people a pair of tickets each worth £20 to visit the show. Lucky winners will have the opportunity to get specialist advice from leading experts such as ITV1's Don't Move, Improve! interiors and property specialist Alison Cork, ITV1's Saturday Cooks' top chef Gino D'Acampo and wine expert to the stars and Jamie Oliver's sommelier, Matt Skinner.

Win £500 Worth of Marks & Spencer lunchtogo Vouchers! lunchtogo is the food delivery service of Marks & Spencer, bringing top-quality M&S food to your door. lunchtogo has an extensive range of superb-quality food suitable for any corporate event, from board meetings to office parties. M&S food is guaranteed to make any event memorable, and the organiser even more memorable. What's even better is that DeskDemon are giving you the chance to win £500 worth of M&S vouchers when you register with M&S lunchtogo. All you need to do is fill in your details for the chance to win. Fingers crossed, soon your lunches will get the M&S treatment!

PA News Contribution Centre DeskDemon can only exist because of you, our users. Without trying to sound too pretentious, you are our raison d'être - and that is why we'd like your help. DeskDemon is the number one worldwide community of PAs and secretaries, whose users have an unrivalled pool of knowledge. We'd like to increase the opportunities for this to be shared, in order to cultivate support and understanding.

If you have written, or would like to write, a news contribution or article that you think will benefit your peers, then this is your chance to share this knowledge.

And as an added thank you, for each published submission we are giving away a £10 Gift Voucher. You have the choice of Marks & Spencer, Debenhams or HMV depending on how you want to treat yourself. We are especially interested in hearing about PA or secretary related news or events, so please get in touch so we can spread the word.

Can Hotel Key Cards Reveal Your Personal Information? Love them or hate them, but it's a safe bet hotel key cards are here to stay. For the business traveller, this is an advantage. A hotel key card slips right into your wallet or pocket, there's no awkward key fob to fumble with, and if you lose your card you don't have to worry about anybody trying to break into your room.

Ysanne's Corner - Virgo Time Think that summer's already over, Ysanne's here to remind you that the time of Virgo is summer's final month. Virgo time is a time of thought and consideration. Coming at the time of harvest, it's a time to "sieve" your thoughts and actions, to work out what is important and where you need to go next. Virgo is a time of change and transition, a time of preparation for the autumn ahead, a time to harvest everything that's brought you up to this point. All in all, it's a positive time - one in which to draw an inner strength. However, things aren't the same for everyone; why not read your horoscope and see exactly what's in store for you?

VenueDesk: Connecting People and Place VenueDesk could revolutionise your search for meeting and event venues. As a one-stop nucleus for anything meeting - or venue-related, VenueDesk contains a wealth of great articles on all aspects of meetings, including venue reviews. Now, all of your venue needs are catered for. It just makes so much sense. And the ultimate tool must be the easy-to-use VenueDesk Fast-Finder, featuring hundreds of great venues, to make that search for that perfect venue just so much easier. Whatever the event, and however big or small the meeting, VenueDesk should answer all your needs and make finding that perfect venue easier than ever before.

Increase Your Self-Confidence in Three Easy Steps In one way or another, we all suffer from a lack of self-confidence. Even the seemingly most confident people have gremlins waiting to come out to undermine them. The great news is that if you wish to increase your levels of self-confidence, there are three easy steps you can follow. Take a look at this article and see about tackling those gremlins and banishing them for good.

Designing with Colour Colour is fascinating and complex. It is never an absolute - always evoking different feelings and emotions in each person. Because colour is such a tricky thing, it shouldn't be underestimated: it is a vital ingredient in the makeup of a room's feel and mood. And so if you want a space to evoke the right emotions and feelings in its users then there are a number of important factors to consider when deciding on a colour scheme. Find out how to match a space with its colour and make it enjoyable to be in.


That's it for the September newsletter. Remember, summer's still here, and it's looking like the weather's going to heat up again, so have a great month!

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