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May's a good month, framed as it is by a bank holiday at each end. We hope that you had a good break over the first one. It looks like summer is nearly with us, now the April showers have been consigned to the past. May is renowned for the many weird and wonderful festivals that take place to celebrate the coming of summer. It's also supposed to be a time of love and romance - something that's been in the political news quite a lot in the last few weeks!

What's new at DeskDemon?

With our Yell.com survey results now released, and our Forum Boards going from strength to strength we've a lot of interesting information out there for you. Check out our articles 'Business Meeting Creativity Ideas' and 'The Art of Negotiating During a Job Offer' for ideas on how to get the most out of your job - or prospective job!

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Esselte - Changing Lives
Esselte - Changing Lives Esselte, the leading office supplies manufacturer, has teamed up with the leading children's charity the Variety Club. The Variety Club is working with King's College Hospital to provide the funds for five additional intensive care cots in the paediatric surgical unit to look after sick, disabled and disadvantaged children.

They need your help to do it. Every Esselte, Leitz and Xyron branded product purchased until the end of the year will help to achieve this target. Find out too how you can win £3000 in home improvement vouchers.
SN Brussels Airlines
SN Brussels Airlines SN Brussels Airlines is the Belgian full-service airline based in Brussels offering you a gateway to Europe, Africa and beyond from numerous UK departure points. Complimentary on-board service with a Belgian touch, reliability, and punctuality makes SN Brussels the airline that is truly Passionate About You.

Visit stand 212 at the Crème Exhibition London for a chance to win a pair of tickets to Brussels.
DeskDemon & Yell.com survey results released!
DeskDemon & Yell.com survey results released! From Filing to Fibbing - The PA gets even more personal

The results of the survey we ran on behalf of Yell.com are now out! They show that not only is today's PA the boss's right hand man or woman, you are also expected go beyond the call of duty and to act as nanny, relationship counsellor and personal shopper combined.
  • Almost 40% regularly pick up groceries
  • One in five (18%) pick up the kids on the school run
  • One in ten have lied about their boss's whereabouts
From freighting a guinea pig to the United States to drying the boss's swimming trunks and cleaning his running shoes, take a look at some of the more bizarre things PAs have had to do. You can also see who won the trip to Prague.

London Venue Expo, 28th-29th June 2006
London Venue Expo, 28th-29th June 2006 Coming Next Week: Watch out for details of London Venue Expo the only event dedicated purely to showcasing London's inspirational venues, hosted at Excel at the end of June. We'll be providing you with details about DeskDemon's Speed Dating, which is a fun way to help you find that perfect venue in the Capital and highlighting the skills you can learn from the seminars in our two seminars for the price of one offer. We'll also be providing information about the exhibitors so that you can plan who you want to spend most time with on the day you visit the show.

It's a Crossword - Did You Know?
It's a Crossword - Did You Know? Try our new, fun, interactive crossword and test your trivia knowledge. Taken from our Did You Know? section, the questions appear when you click on the crossword. So how well you stand up to our trivia challenge? If you're not in the mood for the challenge, but just feel like learning some interesting, but possibly useless, trivia (Did You Know that A mosquito has 47 teeth?) then go to our Did You Know? section.
The Art of Negotiating During a Job Offer
The Art of Negotiating During a Job Offer? You are now in the driving seat - you've been offered a job. It's time to stop telling them why you deserve it and start thinking about how to make the situation work to your advantage. Read this article and find out how to get the most out of the offer and get the best deal for you.

Ideas for Creative Business Meetings
Ideas for Creative Business Meetings Making your next business meeting exciting can go wonders for morale and lighten things up for your staff. The good news is that developing an atmosphere that facilitates business meeting participation and brainstorming doesn't require extraordinary measures. Take a look at this article to get some ideas on how you can break the ice and get your colleagues' creative juices flowing. It just takes the courage to take that leap!
Solidarity! Visit the DeskDemon Forum Boards
Solidarity! Visit the DeskDemon Forum Boards If you want to find out how your fellow PAs are getting on then there is no better place to go. Where better to find or offer advice about all and everything that is important to the modern PA? Check out the Sound Off section common issues, from how to get to work to what to do when someone steals something from your desk. Take a look at the 'Typos - Any worth a giggle?' thread, because some are definitely worth a giggle!

That's about it for May, though please keep checking DeskDemon.com for further updates as we're always adding articles and info to help you. And remember, it's not long now until the next bank holiday!

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