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We hope everything's going well and that you're still enjoying the summer. We're now in the so-called "silly season" where the media fill pages with the results of bizarre surveys. But don't worry; DeskDemon still has its finger on the pulse! We've been very busy. For some time now we've been working on a redesign of the website, and now it's up and running. We thought the site looked good before but now we think it looks even better - it's clearer and more streamlined. Don't just take our word for it - be sure to check it out yourself!

What's new at DeskDemon?

With a great menu to keep in touch with the summer for a bit longer, new articles on sorting that office clutter, dealing with bad reviews, saving on airport parking, plus a survey on trade magazines and exhibitions, DeskDemon is keeping you upto speed with all that is important to the modern office professional. And that's not even mentioning the great new website design...

Marks & Spencer lunchtogo Marks & Spencer lunchtogo is a corporate food delivery service. M&S provides one of the widest ranges of food available to corporate orders today. Whether you are catering for meetings, training days, or even office parties, lunchtogo has something for everyone. And it's convenient too - place your order online through their new website and have your food delivered directly to your office.

New-Look DeskDemon We thought it was time to bring a new look to DeskDemon. That's not to say that it wasn't good before, it's just we think it's even better now. At DeskDemon we're continually adapting and improving to ensure that we remain the best-designed and most useful resource for the modern office professional.

We've now included a one-click menu on the left so that you can easily browse between your favourite sections. Everything should just be a click away ensuring that you, as a busy professional, can get that essential information to your fingertips as soon as possible.

Tell us what you think of the new look. Is it better than before, or are there things that you miss? How can we improve it? Have we forgotten something? And, do you have any ideas on how we can develop the website further - are there any other sites out there which do something we don't? You are the ultimate test of the new look and design - after all we're only here because of you and your loyalty. We want to make sure we continue to offer you the best-designed, most comprehensive resource on the Internet. We at DeskDemon always value your feedback, but now it's more important than ever. And as a small thank you, we are giving away an iPod Shuffle.

Trade Magazines and Exhibitions: How Useful Are They? We have just launched a new survey to help you with those important exhibition and subscription decisions. Please take a moment to get involved. Help us to pinpoint which trade magazines you are all buying and how useful you find them. We would also like to discover how you are voting with your feet - which exhibitions and expos you have been to in the last three years.

What's more, you can win a 4 MegaPixel Kodak digital camera along the way, to create amazing-quality pictures.

My Favourites
My Favourites My Favourites is an invaluable tool that enables you to customise DeskDemon to your own specifications. You can choose exactly what links you wish to appear on the left-hand menu, so that you can have the information you need to help you do your job as accessible as possible. We introduced this to make your job that bit easier and to offer you as much flexibility as possible.

The great thing is that you can log in on any computer (at work, at home, at a friend's, at an internet cafe) and your favourites will be the same. This is an improvement on the usual browser favourites that you set up - because those can only be viewed and used on the one computer you set them up on.

In order to make the most of this great function simply log on to DeskDemon now and click on "edit my nav bar" under "My Favourites".

High Summer Menu Sometimes it's easy to forget, but summer's still here for some time. And hopefully we'll have an Indian Summer too in September. This great menu, which includes avocado and tomato salad, barbecued vegetables with a fresh dressing, and lemon and mango cheesecake, has been put together to make the most of the sun whilst offering nutritiousness and warmth - meaning you can deal with whatever weather that's thrown at you. Now's a great time to keep hold of the summer and bring friends and family together for a rich, fresh meal.

The Online Bookstore If you're fed-up of having to do loads of research to find that perfect book than stress no more! The DeskDemon Online Bookstore provides you with a one-stop service to browse all the essential books on all aspects of your profession. With useful categories - Books on Career, Books in General, Books for Meeting, Reference Books, Specialised Books, Books on Training, Books for Virtual Assistants - you can find the books to help you in your role with less stress. The Online Bookstore includes the latest books on all the subjects important to Executive PAs and secretaries, so why not have a browse at what's on offer?

Bad Review Out of the Blue You think things are going pretty well at work - or at least good enough - until your boss summons you to his or her office and delivers a shock: a bad review. Find out how you can deal with this and learn from it. The article offers a number of reasons why a bad review might happen and ways of moving beyond it.

12 Critical Tips to Saving on Airport Parking Off-site airport parking can be great for travellers. Cheaper than car parks run by airports, online discounts and other conveniences make this option even more attractive. However, there are still a number of pitfalls to avoid and further savings to be made if you know the ins and outs of the whole business. This article gives you that know how!

Conquer Your Desk Clutter with a Tickler File Computers haven't yet eliminated paper clutter - and don't look likely to for some time yet. In fact, computers mean that many of us have forgotten how to deal with those pieces of paper we're still bombarded with. Most of us have piles and piles of current paper on our desks. Combat this clutter with a tickler file, an innovation from the USA. It saves time and reduces stress!


That's it for the August newsletter. Why not take a look at the new DeskDemon website and see what you think. Don't forget to log in and customise the site at "My Favourites" in order for it to be the very best for you!

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