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Spring is well and truly on the way. The sun is out and before we know it, the leaves will be back on the trees. It's been so long that it'll almost be a surprise that trees have leaves! The clocks have changed, birds are chirping again, and now and then you can also make that rare sighting – commuters smiling on their way to work. It's time to leave the winter blues behind. But before we can get too comfortable it'll be good to remember that April's renowned for showers, so it might be a good idea to take that umbrella with you just in case.

What's new at DeskDemon?

With our Easter offers, DeskDemon is all set for the Easter break. We are also looking forward to our spring clean, with our feedback page up and running, ready to make DeskDemon work better for you. Please do enter your thoughts and comments and you could be in for a chance to win an iPod Shuffle.

Join our Webinar sponsored by BT Conferencing
Join our Webinar sponsored by BT Conferencing Our PA Webinar 'Take Control of Your Workload' shows ways in which you can develop flexibility, deal with costs, and improve that all important work-life balance. The Webinar will be held on Wednesday 10th of May between 12:30 and 13:00. By registering you will learn how you can increase productivity whilst reducing costs - and still get away from your desk by 5 pm! You can also win yourself an iPod to listen to your favourite tracks on the way home!

The Perfect Business Solution by LOGIC
The Perfect Business Solution by LOGIC Take a look at our WorkSmart section to check out the new interactive 'Pick a Paper' tool from LOGIC which will help you ensure you have the right paper for the job. And if that's not all, there are plenty of articles, fun games and trivia to make you smile and brighten up your day. LOGIC can offer you the complete business solution with papers that make perfect business sense.

Have a Cracking Easter with DeskDemon's Special Offers
Have a Cracking Easter with DeskDemon's Special Offers Check out our Easter Offers page for great deals on all Easter related things. Your Easter egg hunt can stop here. From chocolate eggs and cards to wine and holidays DeskDemon can point you in the right direction to get the very best deals on offer over Easter. Enjoy the arrival of spring in style over the Easter break.

DeskDemon's Crossword Break
DeskDemon's Crossword Break How well do you know DeskDemon? Take a few minutes break from your busy day to test your knowledge on the different areas and sections of our website in this quick and enjoyable interactive crossword puzzle. Click on the word in the crossword that you want to guess and the question will appear on the right-hand side.

EssentialDesk – your one-stop resource
EssentialDesk - your one-stop resource EssentialDesk is DeskDemon's newest tool to save you time, every day! EssentialDesk is your one-stop point-of-call for finding all the services you need. Going straight to the heart of the nation's suppliers – whether you're looking for that vital piece of office equipment, a particular service, or people who can help your business grow and develop – Essentialdesk can get you that essential information right away. Easy to use and incredibly useful, why not take a look now?

We value your feedback!
We value your feedback! Help us with our spring clean! Let us know what you like or what you don't like on DeskDemon. Our whole mission is to make your life that bit easier, so please let us know if you think there is anything we could improve upon this goal. Is there something we've missed that you would think will help you or even even benefit your peers? Let us know! Is there a particular topic you would like us to address? Let us know! Can you think of a tool or a resource we should put on the website? We want to hear it what it is!

Sound Off!! - Smoking Breaks
Sound Off!! - Smoking Breaks Do you have that person in the office who takes a smoking break every hour? This week's 'Sound Off' focuses on how much time colleagues spend on smoking breaks.

The Dynamics of Small Actions
The Dynamics of Small Actions The best solutions are not dependent on dimensions. Small actions have the potential of greatness within them. Small actions act as levers. They can move the world by slight adjustments. This article focuses on how small actions produce change and can often be the best way to get things done. It also stresses that as even small actions are very powerful - and so can 'crush as well as create' - it is vital that we choose them carefully.

Company Picnic Ideas and Planning Tips
Company Picnic Ideas and Planning Tips The company picnic is a beloved tradition at many firms. It's an opportunity for employees to mingle and "let their hair down". Take a look at this article to pick up some picnic and planning tips for your next picnic.


That's just about it for now. The sun is still shining… the showers must be hiding just below the horizon. Have a great Easter break - eating chocolate is basically a duty - and keep checking out DeskDemon for further updates and offers.

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