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Hi everyone

Welcome to the June issue of What's New at DeskDemon! Well, summer's here - we know that because Wimbledon is about to start, but sadly the weather doesn't seem to have caught on! But not to worry - DeskDemon is here to bring you all the latest news, advice, information tools and resouces to help you in your work, every day.

Looking for a great conference venue with discounted rates - what about Manchested United Football Club? With excellent facilties, including 5,000 free parking spaces and 155 meetings rooms - it could be just the place for your next meeting or conference.

We know you are always looking at ways to save your company money, so don't forget to register with HRS travel company and find out how you can save from between 5%-30% on hotel bookings.

We are delighted that Dena Stephens is blogging about her job search and Part Two of Anel Martin's indepth and detailed look at Stress and the Modern PA is out for you to read.

So let's take a look at What's New at DeskDemon this month!

Reduced Delegate Rate at Manchester United
Be inspired to take advantage of a reduced delegate rate when you hold your event in July or August. The iconic setting of Old Trafford provides the perfect backdrop for an inspirational event:
• 24 suites
• 155 meeting rooms
• Free WiFi
• Free parking for 5,000 cars
• Excellent road and rail links
• An unforgettable location just ten minutes from Manchester city centre
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HRS - An Easy Way to Save on Business Travel
Saving money on business travel doesn’t have to mean a bad night’s sleep. You’re entitled to great corporate discounts of 5-30% across the HRS global portfolio of over 250,000 hotels, regardless of the size of your company or how much you book. Register for these corporate discounts today, for free.
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Stress and the Modern PA - Part Two
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly by Anel Martin, CAP-OM

In part one we explored some key concepts and side effects of stress to set the scene for why you need to take your own stress seriously. Stress impacts your health, your relationships, your productivity - every single sphere of your existence and it has become like a chronic disease in our modern world.
In part two, we look at identifying types of stress and possible solutions.
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Banish the Clutter! - Product Reviews - Desk Organisers
How you work at your desk is incredibily individual - some prefer to work in chaotic clutter, while others tidy everything off their desk at the end of each day.
Whatever your preferred style, PAs often have to keep alot of items close to hand, so we took a look at some of the latest desk organisers - and found practical items don’t have to look boring.
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Book Review: The Enlightenment of Work
The Enlightenment of Work - Revealing the Path of Happiness, Contentment and Purpose in Your Job by Steven Nobel - Review by Christine Todd
Confucius said, "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."*  This book goes a step further: “Choose a job that you love, that’s in tune with your work ethic and morals, that helps you feel good about yourself, that helps others … and you will never have to work a day in your life." 
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A-Z Pearls of Wisdom D is for...Delegation
Rarely does Delegation take the limelight - the starring role as an important "technique" for your overall success (and the overall success of your team).

So in this article (drum-roll please), I'd like to welcome to the stage - Delegation
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What Gender Differences Still Exist at Work?
With much talk in the media that gender differences still exist in the workplace, cognitive neuroscientist and age diversity specialist, Dr Lynda Shaw, conducted detailed research to find out what some of these perceived gender differences in the workplace are in 2013. 
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Say Hello to a PA
This time we meet Dena Stephens.
You may have already read one of Dena's excellent blogs on DeskDemon or read her recent article Tempted by Temping?
Here we learn a little more about Dena.

If you would like to take part in a Say Hello to a PA article, please email
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  • So that's it for the June issue of What's New.

    Don't forget to keep blogging with your tips, insights and helpful advice! Spread the word by passing on your experiences to other readers.

    We'll be back in July and look forward to bringing you more great offers then.

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