What's New at DeskDemon in July 2008

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Why Does My Computer Take So Long to Boot Up?

Are you in front of that computer monitor staring at the hour glass icon that has been up on your screen for five minutes? You have to check your e-mail before you go to work, but your computer is taking forever to boot. You keep asking yourself in frustration, "Why does my computer take so long to boot up?" With the knowledge of why this happens, you can easily prevent it and make booting up as easy as waking up yourself.

Getting Into the Executive Suite - Part 1 of 3

Do you have high hopes of working for a President, Chairman, or CEO of an enterprise? Author and administrative expert Joan Burge shares her top tips on how to get into the Executive Suite in this new 3-part series of exerts from her latest book, Underneath It All: Post Graduate Level Revelations Lift Assistants to New Heights.

Win An Eco-Safari In Kenya With New Avery®Blockout™

Try the new unique Avery®BlockOut™ Shipping Labels and find out how you could be shipping out to Kenya for an amazing once in a lifetime Eco-Safari holiday. DeskDemon are giving away free sample packs. Time is running out so request your free Avery® BlockOut™ Shipping Labels today!

PA Enterprise

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Paul Ormond as the new Publisher of PA Enterprise. Paul has worked with OS magazine for many years and we are delighted to have him bring his considerable experience to our popular monthly digital magazine.

Paul will be making some exciting changes over the coming months, the first of which is that PA Enterprise will now be available in an online flash format (don't worry if you have a slower internet connection, as the PDF version will still be available). Of course our digital magazine will retain the mix of relevant articles and tips for everyone - wherever you are in your career and whatever your personal aspirations.

If you are already registered with DeskDemon but do not receive PA Enterprise, click here to subscribe for free or if you have not regisisterd with DeskDemon yet click here to sign up for free.

Five Steps to Find a Job in Difficult Times

Thanks to unemployment, newspapers and television are managing to recapture part of their lost audience. Pictures of forlorn job seekers alternate with interviews of puzzled white-collar workers who, until today, had never given a thought to the possibility of finding themselves on the street. In some countries, the number of job seekers is reaching unheard-of proportions. Ireland and Spain, two of the worse cases, are on their way to a 20% unemployment rate. If disasters paralyse, absolute disasters can wipe out all capacity for action. Should you be searching for a job, here is some advice to help you move faster on the road back to employment.

Conditional Formatting in Excel

Here are some great tips on conditional formatting (Excel 2003 & 2007) from DeskDemon user, msmarieh, Conditional formatting is formatting (that you choose) which is applied depending on what is typed in the cell (or the results of a formula). For example, if you set up a budget, you could apply the formatting to be red if someone exceeds their budget or, if you are managing an event, you can conditional format to keep track of invitation replies.

DeskDemon Development Network (DDNet) Updates

Have you discovered DDNet? It's the place where you can go to network with your peers across the UK and across the world. Here, you can create groups or join others; start your own blog or read what others have to say; discuss the latest issues on our forum boards, seek help from your peers or assist those who need it. To keep you informed of the latest discussions and additions to the DeskDemon Development Network, each month we'll highlight some of the most popular links. The network content is user generated, so take a minute and contribute to your peers:

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