What's New at DeskDemon in July 2008

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the July issue of What's New @ DeskDemon, your one stop newsletter to catch up on all the latest and greatest features on the largest website in the world for Office Professionals.

Many of you will have seen the new design for the site, launched earlier in the month and packed with lots of new features and functionality and it's now even easier to navigate.

Today, we would like to bring your attention particularly to the fantastic new networking community section. This is a brand new feature of DeskDemon and gives you the opportunity to share, discuss, learn and network with PAs, EAs, VAs, secretaries and administrators from around the UK and around the World. It's YOUR space and there are many different ways with which you can use it. Here are just some of the highlights:-

Create or Join a Group!

Forming groups allows you to share ideas, experience, best practice, templates and other files with colleagues and peers with similar interests, who genuinely relate to the issues and topics you want to discuss.

For example , why not create a group of colleagues from your own company/department? Or, what about a networking group for your city or town? How about a subject specific group, be it work or leisure related?

Once you've set up or joined a group you can schedule events, share expertise with articles and documents, have real time chats with fellow members and post messages on your own forum board. You can also share photos, videos, templates et al with your group members.

DeskDemon Blogs

Blogging is another new feature DeskDemon has launched this month and well done to the first bloggers have taken the plunge and already written about their thoughts and experiences! Blogs (short for weblogs) are frequently updated online journals and are now one of the most popular forms of communication on the web. Bloggers write knowledgably about what they've found interesting, they add their personal thoughts, commentaries and information and invite others to comment.

Take a minute to read Tealc's Top Dog experiences in the office; Cathy's insightful posts about dealing with change and Alicia's feelings on meetings and leadership. Why not share your own opinions, tips, thoughts and feelings with the DeskDemon community or just write about what's on your mind

Build a Network of Peers
Invite your administrative peers and co-workers to your own personal network. You can build new business friendships based on groups, locality, posts on the forum board, business skills, common interests or any other topic. Once you've set up your peer group you can keep in regular contact with them and chat in real time too!
Your Content
Create your own section of expertise using our Content application. For example you could create your own How To Section, your own tips, your own advice on soft skills etc.,. Do you have a procedure you wrote for your Desk Manual? Share it here. Do you have your own advice on how to partner with your manager, share it here! Don't forget to read what others have contributed! This is the place for DeskDemon user generated content - our "pedia" of information and YOU are in control.
Create your own polls! Create them for fun, for your curiosity, or to get an idea or feedback on what your peers think about any given topic.
Our community event page is the place to give your peers information about the events you are planning. Is there a networking event going on in your area you would like to promote or an online webcast you think others would benefit from or maybe there's a fund raising event you would like to share? Here you can invite DeskDemon readers to come along or just post it as general information.
This is DeskDemon's business directory. We hope, with your help, that we will have every type of company, useful for the secretarial community to know about, from across the globe. These listings are peer recommendations - add your favourite companies or give your feedback and experiences with the current listings. These can be searched by category.
Videos are a place you can share your .. well?. Videos! But along with being able to update your videos, you can share other services such as YouTube videos. We have many categories. We already have some fantastic training videos available including Microsoft Office and training videos to enhance your soft skills. We will be adding more but you can add your own favourite training tutorials as well.
Moving offices and want to sell your old filing cabinets? Looking for a second hand office chair or want to swap equipment. Here's the place to do it.
The Hub
Of course we still have our very popular forum board, The Hub! With over 10,000 messages posted annually, it really was due for the complete upgrade and new browsing and posting functionality we've given it. Check it out.

The new community section is a fantastic opportunity for you to share ideas and learn from each other. We have worked very hard to ensure it is packed with many different features and the functionality to give you a variety of ways to communicate with each other. Please do use it and really take advantage of expanding your network of peers.

As always, we value your feedback and would welcome your comments about this section or any other part of the site. Please email us at admin@deskdemon.com

Until the next time

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The DeskDemon Team
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