What's New at DeskDemon in July 2008
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Welcome to the October issue of What's New @ DeskDemon and, as you would expect, we have many new offers and fabulous new features to bring you. But first, we would like to highlight that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month and ACCO needs your help. With your assistance ACCO has raised a stunning £83,963 for Breast Cancer Campaign and would like to increase this to £100,000+ . Find out how you can help and at the same time, bag yourself a fantastic digital camera - in gorgeous pink, of course! Plus, we have 1250 free samples of Avery Organising and Filing labels to give away and an opportunity to win a luxury hamper from Marks and Spencer.

Finally time is running out to vote for the Management Support Fellowship Award candidate you think should walk home with the amazing grand prize of £10,000! You know the job the best, so please take the time to vote.

So, what's new at DeskDemon this month?

National Identity Fraud Prevention Week (6th - 12th October).
National Identity Fraud Awareness week is a nationwide campaign designed to help protect yourself and your business from ID fraud, one of the UK's fastest growing crimes. We have top tips on what you can do to protect yourself, your customers and employees from identity fraud.
Can You Keep a Secret?
According to our recent shredder survey, DeskDemon readers always shred unwanted confidential data but some people are not so careful. Potentially damaging memos and correspondence, customer information and even bank account details have all been found lying around the office or unshredded in a waste bin. Read more on the survey findings and Rexel's response to your shredder wish list - your wishes could soon come true!
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and ACCO is asking us all to go pink in support of leading breast cancer research charity, Breast Cancer Campaign. ACCO is making a generous donation to the charity for every Passionately Pink filing product sold, and the target is to raise £100,000. ACCO is also giving away two fabulous digital cameras so don't delay, go pink!
Get your free 21 tips to combat office stress
Ever get the feeling that you are drowning in a pile of paperwork? Being surrounded by clutter isn't good for your stress levels. But how you do beat that office stress? Avery can help! Simply request your free sample of Avery Organising and Filing Labels and get your hands on 21 tips to combat stress. You'll then be one step closer to an organised office!
FINAL Days to Vote!
Time is running out to cast your vote. The voting will close on October 31st, 2008 for the Management Support Fellowship Award. Have you voted for the PA you feel should represents the profession? If you haven't, take a minute to read each candidate's submission and give your support to the finalist you find most deserving. What makes this programme so special is the fact the grand prize winner will be voted by those who know the job the best, you, their peers.
Have you discovered DeskDemon's KnowledgeDesk? Here you will find quick and easy solutions to everyday issues as well as those not so everyday issues that pop up. Every month new How To's, Tips & Tricks, Templates & Checklists are added, from industry leaders as well as from your peers to give you answers to your challenging tasks.
Bullying in your workplace
More than 80% of employees have experienced bullying at work and 20% experience bullying on a daily basis. Working in association with the Andrea Adams Trust, we are publishing a number of features exploring this issue, the first of which is Bullying in your Workplace . If you've been bullied at work, we would like to hear about it and would be grateful if you could spend a couple of minutes completing our survey.
Redundancy - frequently asked questions
Being made redundant is very distressing. If you have just been made redundant or fear you may be in the future, you need to know your rights. This month DeskDemon brings you the answers to many of your frequently asked questions. Plus, if you're currently looking for a job then don't forget to check out DeskDemon's JobDesk, with details of 100's of administrative positions available nationally.
DeskDemon's Agony Uncle
This month, Office Manager, Lizzie is in a real predicament, she's spending 85% of her time on a manager, who she was meant to help out on a short term basis; Julia an EA needs advice on interview techniques and Deepali wants to be more organised. DeskDemon's Agony Uncle is on hand to tackle your problems.

That's our monthly roundup of October. There's plenty more on the site to keep you up to date and informed of the latest news, information and best practices - essential for today's PA role.

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