What's New at DeskDemon in June 2007
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Welcome to the September issue of What's New @ DeskDemon, your quick-scan summary of all the latest hot features on the largest website in the world for Executive PAs and secretaries. And once more, our partners are offering super prizes and give-aways to reward you for the important role you play in today's workplaces. With the chance to get £10 fuel vouchers, a brand new stapler, and tickets to the Ideal Home Show in Glasgow all absolutely free, you really can't go wrong!

And we've been fascinated to see all the chat going on in our new Your Voice feature. Some contentious views being expressed there - let's have more of it! It makes for gripping reading! Two new PA topics are about to be added to Your Voice which should spark some feisty debate, so go and check it out, and then have your say!

The 2007 Management Support Fellowship Award is going from strength to strength and clearly rivals the X Factor when it comes to voting! So do get involved, read about the candidates and then exercise your power to keep them in, or vote them out! And don't forget, the winner of the Award scoops an amazing £10,000 in cash. So what are you waiting for - their fate is in your hands!

Plus, if you haven't yet nominated someone you think is worthy, or indeed would like to nominate yourself, September's candidates will be available to view soon, so get cracking.

Let's take a look at what else is happening on your favourite site this month...

Get an easy life with a free Rexel PowerEase™ stapler!
Rexel PowerEase Stapler

There are so many ways in which your work life could be easier. That's why Rexel has created its new range of PowerEase™ Staplers. With its patented PowerEase™ Technology, you use less effort but get more power. Its fingertip operation requires 70% less force than conventional staplers. These new staplers, retailing at £21.99, also accept Rexel's colour staples which not only look good, but help you to colour-code documents, too. And the great news is that Rexel is giving away 500 staplers a month for three months to DeskDemon users. Simply fill in the form and a new PowerEase stapler could be on its way to you!

Tips and techniques for booking meetings, conferences and events
Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn go out of their way to give you a personalised, flexible service when booking meeting rooms or business accommodation at any Holiday Inn hotel in the UK. They want to make your life a lot easier, so they've asked Andrea Marsh, Holiday Inn Regional Conference Manager to give DeskDemon members exclusive tips and guidance for planning the perfect meeting with Holiday Inn.

Win tickets to the Ideal Home Show, Scotland
Ideal Home Show Scotland

We've teamed up with the Ideal Home Show Scotland to offer 20 lucky readers the chance to win a pair of tickets to this year's show at the SECC Glasgow from 12th-21st October. It's jam-packed with ideas to enthuse design fanatics and home-lovers like. A daily live theatre will offer expert advice, and the House Doctor will look at photos of your home and offer free guidance. With over 250 exhibitors selling everything from designer furniture to kitchen gizmos at great discounted prices, you won't come away empty handed! It's the perfect destination for interior design ideas and pre-Christmas shopping!

Free £10 Fuel Voucher

Yes, FREE £10 fuel vouchers are on offer when you purchase selected boxes of Twinlock Crystalfile™, the UK's brand-leading suspension files. Obtaining your vouchers couldn't be simpler and there's no limit to the number of vouchers you can claim. So stock up now on your favourite files and enjoy miles of free motoring, courtesy of Twinlock Crystalfile™!

A S-I-M-P-L-E way to organise your life
Simple Organising Strategies

What a relief! At last there is a straightforward way to de-clutter your living or working environment. Through the S-I-M-P-L-E strategy outlined in this handy article, it's possible to take a step by step approach to bring order to the chaos and clear the spaces in your life, leaving you happier and more relaxed...

Say no to sarcasm!
Workplace Communication

Sarcasm - the lowest form of wit - weakens teamwork and reduces morale, especially if you're the target of this often cruel humour. Our feature shows you what to change if you are a sarcastic person and what to do if you are the butt of sarcastic jokes.

Are you coming through loud and clear?
Communication Skills

We are always being told that excellent communication skills are a vital element of today's workplace. But what exactly are communication skills, and how do we improve them? We take a look at the dynamics of relating with each other, including verbal and non-verbal techniques, and give you some pointers to getting your message across effectively.


Now you're up to date on What's New at DeskDemon.com for September! Don't forget to vote for your favourite candidate or, go on, nominate yourself and get your colleagues to vote for you!

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