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Welcome to the February issue of What's New @ DeskDemon. We hope that in 2007 you're managing to build on your strengths you developed in 2006 plus continue learning new skills. At DeskDemon, we believe that peer support and the dissemination of ideas can make a huge difference to career growth and personal happiness. With this in mind, we are putting the request out for 'A Day in the Life of...' submissions. Sharing experiences is an invaluable tool and helps foster the idea of community - something that the web can be powerful in promoting.

What's new at DeskDemon?

Enter our fabulous Daily Mail Ideal Home Show spring competition, in which ten people will win a pair of tickets to the show. We also have some incisive articles on personal and professional growth ­- on how to improve self-esteem and communication skills. But that's not all! Take a look below and see what else is in store for you.

Discounts and Special Offers with Budget BusinessConnections
Budget BusinessConnections Budget BusinessConnections is a free, no contract car rental loyalty scheme for small businesses. Once registered, as a PA you'll qualify for a 5% discount on each rental booking, free upgrade vouchers for the first five rentals, plus other special offers and competitions.

To register for Budget BusinessConnectionsclick here and enter BCD number G978500 to get this offer.

Expense Claims - Tell All (in secret!) and Win a Weekend Away!
Travelodge DeskDemon would like to hear about your experiences filing expense claims for your boss. We're particularly looking for really unusual or funny claims, and especially the receipts you don't think either you or your boss should have claimed back for! Please share your thoughts with us - answers will be treated in complete anonymity. As a great incentive, you will be entered into a draw to win a two-night stay at a UK Travelodge - an ideal way to break the post-winter blues!

Hilton's Event Planning Location Guide (Downloadable PDF)
Hilton Event planning is half art form and half military operation. And if you get it right the rewards are huge. There are two vital parts of the event planning process. The first is weighing up which location suits your company and attendees most, and the second is picking that perfect venue itself. Hilton's event-planning guide will give you the low down on the first, and the Hilton Brighton Metropole showcase will whet your appetite for the ideal second. Click Here for more information on the Hilton Brighton Metropole.

WIN Tickets to the Daily Mail Ideal Home Show 2007!
Ideal Home Show 2007 The Daily Mail Ideal Home Show is now indispensable fixture on the interior decoration and home improvement calendar. A combination of cutting edge expo, design showcase and hotbed of hands-on expertise, the Daily Mail Ideal Home Show is renowned for its vibrancy and liveliness. Running from the 9th of March to the 1st of April, it's not far away. And the even better news is that we have teamed up with the Show and are offering DeskDemon users ten pairs of tickets to it!

A Request for Your Day In The Life Of...
Day In The Life Of At DeskDemon, we pride ourselves on shining the torch for peer support in the administrative professional community. We believe that by disseminating ideas and sharing experiences we are all empowered. Our regular feature "A Day in the Life of..." exemplifies this ethos perfectly, which is why it's been so popular. And we'd like to make even more of it. Tell us about what your day involves and, if we publish your submission, we'll give you a £10 Marks & Spencer voucher as a token of our appreciation.

International Confex
International Confex As the UK's leading event exhibition, International Confex is one event not to be missed. International Confex brings together UK-based and international event organisers, venue providers and event support services to provide a memorable experience. Communication is key, and with its focus firmly on networking and the cross-fertilisation of knowledge and ideas, International Confex can provide you with the inspiration, know-how and contacts to ensure that your events go from strength to strength. Register Now!

10 Easy Steps to Improve Your Self-Esteem
Improve Your Self-Esteem Self-esteem is one of the most important components of personal success and happiness. Without it, it's all too easy to think and act in self-destructive ways, hurting others and ourselves. Often, it's difficult to even realise you've got a self-esteem problem. Fortunately, life doesn't have to continue down that unhappy path, and there are numerous ways to tackle the issue. This article outlines ten practical tips to improve your self-esteem and mental outlook and so see great improvements in your life.

Data Recovery First Aid: 3 Useful Tips
Data Recovery Hard drive failure is one of the most annoying things to happen to anyone who relies on a computer in their work. But add to this that you haven't backed up your files and the headache can turn into a nightmare. Knowing how to deal with data loss when it happens, and, even better, putting precautionary systems in place, will mean that you can sleep easier at night and tackle the issue with confidence when suffering that inevitable computer problem.

Aquarius Time
Aquarius Time We have reached the time of Aquarius, which means we all have the permission to relax a bit and let life take care of itself. There is a buzz in the air and sense that spring isn't too far away. Connections are there to be made, and possibilities to be explored. Until the 19th of February, when the sun enters Pisces, life is likely to be interesting! But, having said that, there is something different in store for each star sign and so why not read what yours has to say about you?

Be a Better Communicator
Be a Better Communicator We do it all the time and it's such an integral part of life that we often forget that it's a skill with wonderful powers. If you learn how to be a more effective communicator you will immediately see the benefits. Improving your own communication skills automatically improves the communication environment at work. And as such, it is extremely empowering to see the effect that successful communication can have. Read this article to learn how move away from the impersonal and towards the interpersonal.


That's it for the February issue of What's New @ DeskDemon. We hope that you have a great month.

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