Book your room online, easy and fast. Over 180,000 hotels worldwide. Real-time availability and rates. Ideal for sourcing meeting and conference venues. The facility to amend or cancel your booking up to 6pm on the day. No need to pre-pay. All this, and more, free of charge.

It's easy

Book online in 3 easy steps.

1. Simply select your destination and hotel. Over 180,000 to choose from, including well-known international chains and smaller independents. Enough detail to help you make an informed choice. Photographs, directions, local information, hotel reviews by guests, and even a weather forecast.

2. Check availability and rates, real-time, via our 'direct connect' facility with hotels.

3. Then book and print your confirmation. Nothing to pay. Do all this in English, Estonian, or 29 other languages.

Free service, competitive rates

Free online booking, 24/7. No transaction fees or advance payments. Complementary customer service support, free of charge. Your own negotiated corporate rates plus some of the most competitive hotel rates around. And free amendments and cancellations up to 6pm on the day of arrival.

No-hassle events

Bespoke Meetings Online facility to help you find hotels that meet your event and accommodation needs. Make distance from another office location one of your search criteria. Check that you're getting the best rates. Book your meetings and company events in just a few clicks and bypass the hassle.

So with HRS you get:

  • Quick, easy and reliable online booking
  • Real-time room availability and rates
  • Direct access to over 180,000 hotels worldwide
  • Hassle-free booking of meetings and events
  • Free service and competitive rates
For a free online demo, please visit and fill out the from. You can also try us out by making a booking on

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