Agents warned about Turkey visas

14 January: ABTA has warned travel agents that visitors to Turkey will soon have to apply for a visa online or they may be refused entry.

The Turkish Consulate has advised that the stamp / sticker visa on arrival will be abolished from 10 April 2014 and will be completely replaced by the e-visa application process.

All visitors to Turkey from 11 April 2014 will be required to purchase their entry visa via the Turkish Government website prior to travel.

But the association believes many agents may not be aware of the new requirement.

An ABTA spokeswoman said: "We have already informed our Members about the need for consumers travelling to Turkey to apply online for a visa for travel after 10/4/14 and we will be reminding them again this week.

"Turkey is an extremely important destination for our members and we are concerned that consumers, particularly those who have not booked through ABTA members, may not be aware of the new requirement and may as a consequence be refused entry to Turkey."

The Turkish Consulate said: "The application of Stamp Visa and Banderole visa for entering the Republic of Turkey at the border gates will continue together (simultaneously) with the e-visa application until 10th April 2014."

Currently, the cost of the e-visa is US.


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