1. When choosing a meeting room, what factors do you consider most important
(Please choose top 5 factors):-
  Location - proximity to tube, rail, airport or motorway junctions
  Cost - overall cost
  Location - proximity to company building
  Cost - pricing by the hour
  Room layout
  Quality of service and staff
  Room equipped with the latest technology
  Quality of available rooms
  Selecting a room from a previously used supplier
  Available refreshments
  Selecting a room with a supplier with a good reputation
  Ability to book online
  Last minute availability

2. Does your organisation prefer to book meeting rooms through:-
  A specialist provider such as Regus
  A hotel chain
  An independent hotel
  N/A as only hold internal meetings
  Other, please Specify: 

3. Why does your organisation use external meeting rooms:-
  As we have limited space internally
  To hold confidential meetings
  To hold large meetings
  To be in a convenient location
  Other, please Specify: 

4. With regard to meeting Rooms who do you feel has the biggest presence in the UK?
  Holiday Inn

5. What are your main concerns when booking a meeting room:-
  Limited number of meeting rooms
  Lack of availability at short notice
  The booking process is long and tedious
  Security/confidentiality problems
  Hidden costs - WIFI, projectors,refreshments
  Unprofessional environment

6. Tools you believe would make your life easier when booking meeting rooms:-
  Smart Phone application to notify you where nearby Regus meeting rooms are
An online meeting room booking website that books rooms in 3 steps and immediately confirms the booking by email
A map guide for the UK showing the nearest major Meeting Room supplier, searchable by town city name or post code
  An FAQ to help you for meeting room booking & organisation tips

7. What is the most unusual reason you have ever booked a meeting room for?

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