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Author Topic: Small Rant: Multi Tasking  (Read 15643 times)
Atlanta Z3
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« on: March 22, 2012, 05:54:22 pm »

I just finished a short course on becoming irreplaceable and one of the items was to stop multitasking or switch tasking as they called it.  Also poor time management because neither item gets the attention it deserves.

A few take away notes
Time Management Fundamentals
  Minimize switches (multitasking)
  The truth of time

Eliminating external distractions
  Beeps, buzzers, flashes: create a schedule to respond to voice mail and email
  Quick questions: schedule one on one meetings
  Random noise: block with white noise or music
  Instant or text message: if more than one text, make a call instead
  Schedule less

Eliminating internal distractions
  Refresh addiction: set a schedule to check messages
  Idea generating: create one place to write down ideas for later thought
  Schedule processing time
     Screen addiction: if item is not computer involved turn away
  Impatience: pause, breathe deeply and relax rather than switching tasks example when on hold

I already have someone these in process such as turning off the pop up email alert for new email, but I like the idea of ignoring the computer screen whenever possible and I just noticed my boss doing that when on the phone.

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