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Author Topic: Name Change  (Read 21836 times)
Jackie G
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« Reply #15 on: February 05, 2009, 10:36:35 am »

Gee's former branch was Northern Ireland, not Belfast.

Former branches were:

North West
North East
West Midlands
East Midlands
East Anglia
Central London
Kent & Sussex Weald
Bristol and South West
Northern Ireland

I think I've missed one but can't think right now, so apologies.

I doubt there will be confusion with IAAP - that name change happened a long time ago now.  The web address though is confusing and while I haven't been through the entire site yet, there are quite a few typos which is a little disappointing for a professional organisation such as ours.

Matt, if you are on the board, perhaps you could enlighten me and other members as to several questions:

Who are the non exec directors - I know about Sue Cook and Jayne Ogier, who are the rest?
What happened to the IQPS staff?  Are they now redundant and did they receive the correct packages, or have they been subsumed into CfA
Can CfA please explain why they sold out IQPS members having said they would keep the brand, which is why they got the vote
What are Kerrie Fuller's qualifications to be the membership manager for this organisation?
How are they going to ensure the high quality of the previous magazine is maintained in the new one - there are a lot of typos in the current issue - again - and worse still, a mix of font sizes, some of which are not easy to read!!!

Jackie, Peer Moderator

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