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Author Topic: Is there any time that it is "ok" to cry at work?  (Read 3494 times)
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« on: January 21, 2008, 06:03:49 pm »

I think the vague sentence of "It all depends" is appropriate here.

I work for a small non-profit that does very specialized work that we are all somewhat emotionally involved in (I find that very few people who work in non-profits are there without some heart for the cause).  With that in mind, I think all my co-workers have shed tears at one time or another, and everyone understands.

On the other hand, I once worked in an on-site office for a construction can bet that was a difficult environment to work in.  Mainly I had a hard time with the language used, and once when the foreman really lost it on another coworker I was so upset I just got up and walked out.  I walked around the block to cry/clear my head and when I came back he had clearly regretted acting in such a way and appologized.  But I think my move in leaving, versus staying and showing tears, etc. was much more appropriate in such an environment.

I think why you're crying and the environment you're in are very important factors.


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