4 members, led by Sumei van Antwerpen
I invite all Administrative Support Staff globally to join this group. I am busy doing research for my thesis to determine the profile of support staff in all government spheres. I would like to determine the impact of possible intrinsic and extrinsic barriers, the physical working environment,...
23 members, led by emwright
Find a cool product or want to comment on the latest and greatest gadget for the office. Join this group and share!
11 members, led by Mae
Tips, Stories and Advice on Meetings - Share your advice on staff meetings, one on ones, to off-sites big and small.
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Join the group and brag about your kids! Vent about the hard times. Get work and home advice from your peers. Let's talk family, fun and the challenges of life of a working Mom.
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A group where we can practice Spanish, and those who speak Spanish can practice English.
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a group for those who have been laid off. Network, get moral support, advice and information to help get you through to your next job.
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I noticed no Book Club or review Group. I will start this group! Join me in reviewing book, lets do ALL types, professional, fiction, biography, and possibly a book exchange.
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I hope we can make other types of groups. I am a food lover, I love to cook and go to great restaurants. Let's make a group to post recipes, review restaurants and talk fine cuisine.
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A group for those who plan meetings. Lets share reviews on venues, best practices, what venues have caused problems.