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I've created this group as a means of supporting personal assistants, secretaries and executive assistants. I've stepped on the other side and know how we want to receive information so if you need any assistance, post it here and i'd be happy to help you out! A-Z Travel, Event, H...
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Group is created to network with admin who provide global support for things like finding a vendor for non-US electronic equipment. For example I am currently tasked with finding a wireless telephone headset for one of our team's home offices in UK.
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this group is designed for Executive Assistants, Administrative Assistant, Managers, etc. who provide admin support to a high level executive that also manage the other assistant in the office to discuss their challenges and to share this wisdom and tips and tricks of the trade to get it all done!
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An online networking group for Executive PAs and EAs that have completed Castalia Coaching & Training Development Programmes.
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I am creating a group for those like me who are working, but to find a new position for what ever reason. Hopefully this group will give moral support, each other advice and share stories. Please join my group.
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PAs and Admins get mentioned online and in the news for many reasons, achievements, promotions, scandals....and more. I will summarize and link those I have found mentioned in the news and why. This group welcomes others to post their findings as well. Join this group and see who has been - I...
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Sharing and comments on different survey results found on the web.