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How to Order Office Suppliesalt

As an administrative assistant, you are likely going to be in charge of ordering basic office supplies for your office and the other offices under your supervision. While this seems like a simple task, in reality it can get quite complicated and expensive if it is not properly monitored. The best way to order office supplies is to set up a system ahead of time that will enable you to keep track of usage and make sure you always have enough office supplies so that you do not run short at a critical juncture.

Step 1: Make a spreadsheet of all the office supplies that are currently in the office (or that should be)
This will help you track what you should be ordering. Anything that is missing, you should go ahead and order when you start this process. Once you have done this, then you can work these items into the regular ordering rotation. Include things like paper, pens, notepads, printer cartridges and any supplies specific to your individual business.

Step 2: Check supplies once a month
You will not need to order everything every month. However, checking your spreadsheet once a month against what is in the office will keep you abreast of what is running low, and what things do not need to be ordered again. For example, if you order a pack of 36 pens it is unlikely that these will all be used up by the end of one month. However, by checking monthly you will notice when there are only 5 left, and can order more before a shortage ensues. 

Step 3: Avoid superfluous items unless they are specifically requested
Often, you will find that while you are ordering office supplies a particular organizer, pencil holder or customized notebook becomes particularly attractive. In general, unless you have a specific need for the item or it has been requested by someone in the office, you should resist the temptation. These types of things end up collecting dust on shelves and can represent hundreds of dollars wasted in a budget.

Ordering office supplies can easily become part of your routine, and you (and your office mates) will love the security of knowing that you have all the supplies and resources you need at your disposal.


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