Well, today is a day that I should have just taken off. No but's about it - I should have called in and said I couldn't man the phones today. That would have made things a whole lot simpler.

When I got Addie up this morning for school, she was definitely slow and sluggish. In fact, she didn't even feel like eating much breakfast. Since every once in a while she gets in a "funk" about school, I did not think too much about it. Usually she gets to school, gets involved in her school work and by the time I'm frantic with worry that she is hurling in the girls' room, she's chowing down on a snack because she didn't eat enough breakfast and heading for the playground for morning recess.
However, this morning was different. About the time I sat down to file a few invoices, the phone rang. It was Addie's school secretary, and Addie was down for the count with some nasty bug. They requested that I remove her from school immediately to care for her and prevent other kids from catching her ailment. Of course, I packed up Jake and headed for the school immediately.

What I should have done was given Landers a call on the way and let him know I would not be able to answer the phones today, or that I was going to have to let them go to voicemail and catch them up when I could. Instead, I just assumed that would be okay. By the time we hit the school and picked up Addie, then went to the doctor, then picked up her medicine, got her home and tucked her into bed, it had been several hours that I had been missing the phone. Even that probably would have been excusable, but today was one of those days when Landers needed information and couldn't get it because I was unavailable. By his fourth message, he was pretty steamed.

I am honestly scared to call him, but I know every second I waste things will get worse. Of course, Addie is still upstairs and I need to be up there with her, so I guess I'll drop him an email and hope he gets it. The calls will have to be caught up later.

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